Just like you can never own sufficient white tees, you can never claim enough boots. Yet, before you refresh your fall/winter closet with new footwear, check your styles. Do you have every one of the classic silhouettes? By this means what sort of over-the-knee boots stand the test of time. 

Over-the-knee boots are an ageless fashion choice. In addition to the fact that they make a bold style proclamation, they’re additionally really super comfortable and amazingly flattering, with the capacity to make legs seem slimmer and longer. With such countless styles on the high street at incredibly low costs, it has never been simpler to get a high fashion look for a minimal price tag. 

Anyway, knee-high boots can demonstrate a challenge to wear, with us all being of various shapes and heights. Be that as it may, don’t stress. This guide will give you answers to some common questions about wearing over-the-knee boots.

Things to Take Care of While Shopping for Over the Knee Boots 

how to wear over the knee boots

It’s not a shocking thing that over-the-knee boots are more trendy nowadays. They add an instant touch of style to any outfit and are ideally suited for winter. Along with these basic things, here are some fundamental things that everybody has to know before investing in a pair of high knee boots!


Price is one of the absolute first things you should think about before beginning your over-the-knee (OTK) boot shopping journey. OTK boots can be found at different prices, so sort out the amount you might want to spend before you fall in love with over-the-knee boots.


To assure that you buy over-the-knee boots that really go over your knee, make sure you know how high you need them to go. It is suggested that you pick a couple of boots that go something like 2-3 inches over your knee.


A big no when over-the-knee boots are slumping. To keep away from the feared slouch, you need to buy OTK boots with the right circumference. This will obviously be dissimilar for everybody.


The important and necessary idea that you most likely have when contemplating buying OTK boots is what type of color do you want. It is suggested that you start with colors that will match everything. For example, black, beige, burgundy, and of course charcoal grey.


At long last, the details! Searching for a pair of boots with a lace tie at the top will genuinely assist with keeping them in place. When it comes to over-the-knee boots, you will discover them in generally suede, leather, or a mix of both. Different details you should consider are buckles, zippers, and fringe.

Various Types of Over the Knee Boots To Choose From

Over-the-knee boots have become a big closet staple. Long gone are the times of associating them with Pretty Woman’s thigh-high hooker heel. Indeed, even still, they can be scary things to wear. They aren’t precisely a boot that you just “throw on” and head out the door. 

When it comes to over-the-knee boots, the options are unending. This is a style that has been around for some time, yet it’s gotten increasingly more popular in recent years. To save you time and hassle, here are the awesome over-the-knee boots accessible today.

Classic Knee High Boots

Classic Over the knee boots

Most of the knee-high boots you find today are straightforward and real classy, smooth leather or suede that compasses from toe to knee. They can have buckles or lashes, are usually zippered, and come in numerous types of tones, from your standard black and brown to tan, green, burgundy, and navy. Ideal for regular wear with jeans, leggings, track pants, and skirts.

Riding Knee High Boots

Riding knee high how to wear over the knee boots

This is a classic boot, fashioned after riding boots. They come up to the knee with an adjusted top edge. They have a heel point, typically 1-inch or less than 1-inch in height, which was used to keep the foot from sliding out of a shape. Ordinarily found in black or brown color, and regularly two-tone, similar to the ones you see here. They might have clasps or lashes and usually are zippered. Smooth and classy, riding knee-high boots can be worn whenever and pair well with jeans and leggings.

Motorcycle Knee High Boots

Motor Cycle how to wear over the knee boots

Motorcycle style knee-high boots are heavier, with a thicker sole, are either zippered or bound, and are generally garnished with buckles. This is a casual boot and, while fashionable, isn’t fitting for the office.

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Slouchy Over-the-Knee Boots

Slouchy OTK boots

Slouchy Over-the-knee boots are basically excellent! Getting these slouchy thigh-high boots means getting the shoe of the winter season. Slouchy high boots are made from fine leather along with sculptural cone heels. It has an almond toe produced using khaki-brown colored calf leather, buckle detail on top, while the heels are adequately enough to wear the entire day.

Classic Flat Over-the-Knee Boots

Float classic OTK boots

This is a pair of black suede leather over-the-knee boots with a flexible fit. Do you need a boot that fits completely well with any pair of jeans, or an unbalanced skirt? Stuart Weitzman is the one you are searching for.

Most Elegant Over-the-Knee Boots

Leather Classic

This pair of rowdy glossy patent leather boots is outstanding amongst other over-the-knee boots. Thanks to its smooth and wonderful demeanor. Ideal for each elegant outing, be it a relaxed night out or an outdoor party.

The Boldest Thigh-High Boots

Talk of an exemplification of beauty! Black suede leather joined with a leopard-printed clear shaft has been used to make these over-the-knee boots to render them remarkable. For an exceptional and stylish appearance, get them today.

How To Style Over the Knee Boots

Here are a few tips for how to wear over-the-knee boots to assist with updating your over-the-knee boot looks into the season. They might be a good staple; however, they’re everything but basic! 

With Jeans

With Jeans how to wear over the knee boots

Wearing your top choice over the knee boots with jeans is so straightforward yet graceful, making the “I just threw this on” look. So flexible and versatile, you can combine any jeans with your boots, whether it’s your most favorite denim or different colors that you love. To keep everything flowing, try opting for skinny jeans as the baggier the jeans, the more petite shape it will give your figure. To prolong the body, try tucking your shirt or jumper up at the front, and the thin pants will guarantee you’re not lost in the fabric.

With A Dress

With Dress how to wear over the knee boots

Pairing knee-high boots with a dress make a traditional feminine outfit. Beautiful and sophisticated, you can undoubtedly throw on a dress with your boots and still look well. For a provocative modern-day outfit, try a mini dress that is expected, with a flash of leg emitting the most up-to-date and on-trend look.

The wide range of over-the-knee styles allows you to say something of your own, regardless of whether it’s the ribbon-up design or just a burgundy leather, which means you can throw on a basic black dress and still stand out. 

With Skirt

OTK boots with Skirt

The various lengths of skirts work everything out such that it’s much fun mixing up the different outfits you’re going for. Once more, attempt a more petite than a regular skirt with a bare leg to break up the outfit, or pair your skirt with leggings for a definitive winter look. It doesn’t make any difference in the length of skirt you decide on – a midi or maxi skirt also works, as the boot will fly under. In case you’re looking up to playing it a bit safe, why not try a leather skirt? You will definitely be on-trend.

With Leggings

Over the knee boots with leggings

At the point when picked and worn right, leggings can be an optimal add-on to your closet. You can, in any case, look elegant and fashionable while being comfortable simultaneously. Rather than deciding on blacks, attempt cream leggings with beige suede knee-high boots and cooperated with a long grey knitted jumper. While layering over the leggings, the length in the back will guarantee additional comfort and style.

With Multiple Patterns 

OTK Boots

One of the most well-known trends can be worked into fall with black over-the-knee boots, in two patterns with comparable shading, and a coat in a solid shading. Make sure both patterns have black in them (to match the boots) and similar tones to the coat (like the red on Margo and Me) to guarantee the look is more put-together and stylish than disorganized.

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Final Words

This blog has shared many tips on how to wear over-the-knee boots and tricks that should work well for you while picking your new most loved pair. Ideally, they will assist you in finding an ideal fit, shade, and heel to wear them, not just for one season. In case you are an amateur, monochrome outfits are an incredible place to begin. 

While picking the right pair of thigh highs for yourself, remember one vital style rule: ‘wear what you feel good in.’ Thigh-high boots are the most ideal approach to keep your look stylish and weather appropriate. Furthermore, it holds you back from having the discussion about if leggings truly go with your look.