Hunter boots have been in trend for a while nowadays. It also seems that this trend may go anywhere around the world. The brand ‘Hunter Wellies’, also known as ‘Hunter Wellington Boots’, originated in Scotland and was highly popular in Europe before these boots hit the fashion style in the United States. Hunter boots are commonly used during rainy or snowy days. Moreover, they are also taken as super fashionable footwear that some people prefer to wear when there is no rain or snow. They have earned a fashion statement.

If you are confused about how to wear hunter boots, you will be amazed to know that you can wear these boots during every season. Great! They are stylish and useful and can be worn all year round. Just be familiar with different ways of how to style hunter boots.

Hunter boots have excelled in all fashion terrain. No matter where you live, you can find hunter boots across the globe. Apart from functional, weatherproof usage, you can style them with a variety of clothing items.

If you are new to this, we are sharing a guide on how to wear hunter boots without going wrong in any way.

Amazing Ways To Style Your Hunter Boots

  • How to wear hunter boots with skirts
  • How to wear hunter boots with pants
  • How to wear hunter boots during rainy season
  • How to wear hunter boots with shorts
  • How to wear hunter boots with joggers or sweatpants
  • How to wear hunter boots with a flannel shirt
  • Some helpful tips for wearing hunter boots in winter

How to Wear Hunter Boots with Skirts

Hunter boots look fabulous with skirts and dresses. All you have to do is to wear a skirt or a dress with a hemline above the knee. It will go well in making a break between the bottom of your skirt/dress and the top of your hunter boot.

hunter boots with skirts

If you are going to wear a skirt on a cooler day, make sure to wear your tights under the skirt. Pairing this outfit with hunter boots will make you look stylish even in the harsh weather. It is true that structured and shorter skirts look fabulous together. But, it would be more fabulous if you try more feminine styles. The skirt/dress styles such as a fit and flare, and A-line skirts work well in breaking the structure of your clothing.

What more you need to learn about how to style hunter boots is to wear a combination of fabrics for different seasons with the same hunter boots. It is something like pairing suede and corduroy in the cold season, and cotton and jean skirts in the hot season.

How to Wear Hunter Boots with Pants

Hunter boots are classic and highly versatile. Pairing your hunter boots with jeans is one of the easiest ways to use your boots stylishly. Are you thinking of wearing slim-fit or skinny ankle jeans with hunter boots? Of course, you can wear it without any worry about how this combination will go. You can tuck skinny jeans into your hunter boots. There is no need to bunch up your jeans at the bottom.

How to Wear Hunter Boots with Pants

The combination of hunter boots and jeans will keep your jeans slim and streamlined. When you tuck your skinny jeans, they will display the perfect shape of your hunter boot. Wearing pants or jeans with hunter boots is a great idea to elongate your legs. What’s more – wearing similar colors will work great. Like, dark and black denim with blue and black hunter boots, respectively. You can also opt for a more chic look by wearing refined hunter boots with denim of any color.

The best tip for wearing hunter boots with pants is to wear long socks so that they go over the base of your pants. Then, put your hunter boots on. This will avoid rubbing your ankle inside the boot. You can enhance your entire look with a plaid scarf, cardigan, or any of your favorite woolen coats. Perfect for a winter look!

How to Wear Hunter Boots during Rainy Season

If it’s raining and you can’t stay at home due to one or another reason, you can pair your hunter boots with shorts. Don’t forget to get a towel to wipe your legs once you reach the destination. Never let rain hinder your work when you have a good pair of hunter boots.

How To Wear Hunter Boots - Rainy Season

If there is light rain outside, you can choose to wear your hunter boots with a shirt, dress, or jeans. If you are planning to change your shoes later, you can wear ankle-length hunter boots that can be carried around easily.

Are you begging for rain to wear your favorite hunter boots? This look is too cute to love!

How to Wear Hunter Boots with Shorts

Have you ever tried a combination of hunter boots and shorts? If not, it’s time to try this look. This is something that never goes out of style. You can maintain that summer vibes by pairing your hunter boots with frayed denim cutoffs. Are you feeling that this style is too casual? You have more in your wardrobe to enhance this look. Take out your favorite black leather jacket or a military jacket and wear it on the top.

How To Wear Hunter Boots with shorts

You can also choose to wear knee-high socks if you have one. This idea will help your boots to stay in place. Moreover, it will also keep you comfortable throughout the day. Now, still, thinking that you can add something? What about balancing the entire look with a scarf and crossbody bag? You will surely look stunning.

How to Wear Hunter Boots with Joggers or Sweatpants

Wearing joggers or sweatpants with hunter boots will accomplish a cozy, warm outfit. Though this idea may not make the stylish combination, this can be a wonderful idea to keep you cozy on very cold days. Joggers can easily fit into your hunter boots.

hunter boots with sweatpants

If you are going to wear a sweatpant, the best way is to tuck it into the boot when you put your boot on. Whether you are wearing a jogger or a sweatpant, both go well with hunter boots of any color.

How to Wear Hunter Boots with a Flannel Shirt

Do you have a flannel shirt? Are you looking to style your hunter boot with a flannel shirt? You can never go wrong with this combination. Wearing your flannel shirt with hunter boots is something that can give you a comfy yet tailored appearance.

How To Wear Hunter Boots with Fannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are one of the great options for winters, thanks to their casual look. You can wear a flannel shirt with slacks for an office look, or you can choose to wear it with jeans when going out with friends for a night out. What’s more? You can wear a flannel shirt with joggers as well. If you have a flannel shirt in a dark color, you can pair it with the boots in the same color as your flannel. Like, if your shirt has blue, green, and brown colors, you can choose to pair it with navy hunter boots.

Some Helpful Tips for Wearing Hunter Boots in Winter

We all know that hunter boots are highly trendy and waterproof footwear options that can be paired with a variety of outfits. This footwear looks great and goes well even when there is no rain. You can wear them in the snow to keep your feet dry. Your feet may get cracked if exposed to sub-zero temperatures.

So, it is better to wear thick socks in the coldest weather and also make sure to layer your clothing to protect yourself with Winter Jackets from cold winds. Whether you are wearing jeans, a jogger, a sweater, or a flannel shirt, you can style them easily with hunter boots.

If you want to know how to style hunter boots perfectly without going wrong in any way, just go through these tips.

1. Wear knee-High Hunter Boots

Wearing knee-high hunter boots ensures maximum protection in the winters. This not only helps in keeping your feet dry but also protects your bottom from getting wet. Hunter boots are one of the best winter footwear options. Always remember that ankle-length hunter boots will not be able to protect your feet from rain or snow.

2. Purchase Dark-Colored Hunter Boots

In the winters, it is always advised to avoid wearing light-colored hunter boots. You should never buy white or khaki-colored hunter boots. Instead, you should choose black, red, green, or navy boots. It is so because these colors are easy to style with your winter outfits. It is highly recommended when you are wearing hunter boots with business outfits. Light colors also need to be avoided as they are more likely to look dirty and messy during rain or snow.

Dark color hunter boots

3. Wear Solid Colored Hunter Boots with Patterned or Textured Outfits

It is recommended to wear solid-colored hunter boots with outfits having patterns or textures. Suppose you are going to wear a striped sweater or a plaid flannel shirt. It will not look good if you choose to be over-complicated your outfit. Simply choose solid and dark-colored hunter boots instead of wearing the one with a pattern. For example – if you have chosen to wear a red and black striped shirt, the best idea is to opt for black hunter boots.

4.Wear patterned boots with winter outfits

Do you want to brighten up your winter outfits? If yes, nothing would be better than choosing patterned hunter boots. It will work great in adding some interest to your winter look. You can wear plaid, floral, striped, or any printed hunter boots. 

This is a great way to add some color and texture to your plain outfits. For example – if you are going to wear dark-colored jeans and a solid sweater or overcoat, you can go with floral printed hunter boots.

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Final Words

If you are struggling with how to style your hunter boots, this guide will help you to hit the streets with a perfect look. You can be stylish and comfortable with these outfit ideas in combination with your hunter boots.  The great thing about hunter boots is that you can try them with almost all outfits. All you need to know is to pair the right color and style of hunter boots. It will work awesome with your lifestyle. There is no wrong way to style your hunter boots. So, happy styling!