These days, when people go out for a new look, they reproduce it from the past. Possibly to create that retro style once again Or, on the other hand, to give it an entirely different look. Regardless of the thought behind it, it is very significant. 

Today, this guide will discuss how to wear a neck gaiter in some unique styles. Neck Gaiter, also called Bandana, is a tremendously famous extra for all kinds of people. It is more similar to an add-on to your look, which can make you look smart quickly.

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

  • What is a Neck Gaiter?
  • Best Material for Neck Gaiters and Cleaning Steps
  • What is a Neck Gaiter Typically Used for?
  • Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter
  • Face Mask
  • Beanie
  • Bandana
  • Bobble Hat
  • Balaclava
  • Head Band
  • Do Rag
  • Handcuff
  • Neck Warmer
  • Hat Liner

What is a Neck Gaiter?

In case you’re a camping or climbing fanatic, you might have effectively known about a neck warmer, neck gaiter, or tube scarf. An elasticated tube-molded piece of material that is incredibly flexible and regularly used during open-air outings or activities. 

There are endless ways on how to wear a neck gaiter. This single piece of material has a large number of uses, in case you’re a lover of adventure. However, you can also use it as a valuable fashion accessory for both men and women.

A Neck Gaiter is a closed tube of the fabric, additionally called a buff. It’s a piece of clothing worn to cool or warm the neck and head area and helps cover the Ears/Face/Nose/Throat, and head. Fundamentally, it looks like a tubular bandana. 

It is a fundamental and lightweight, flexible piece of equipment and is extraordinary for outdoor exercises. Neck gaiters have the same impact as scarves. It’s an ideal layer of insulation and keeps the warm air emerging from your coat collar, making a blockage to that gap and keeping you warm.

 how to wear a neck gaiter

Best Material for Neck Gaiters and Cleaning Steps

Neck warmers or gaiters can be found in an assortment of materials like merino, fleece-lined, or weaved. Notwithstanding, for the most part, they are made using a quick-drying and wind-safe texture to keep you protected from the components. Safeguard yourself from the sprinkle, windburn, or sunstroke with this remarkable and adaptable extra. 

The most ideal approach to wash a lightweight neck gaiter is with hot water and a normal cleanser. After running your neck gaiter through the clothes washer, use the high warmth setting on your dryer or the disinfect dry setting on more advanced drying machines. High temperatures will assist with killing any germs or microorganisms on your neck gaiter.

Protected neck gaiters made using heavier or fleece-lined fabric some of the time have different consideration directions. They are machine launderable with cold water followed by drying on low heat. 

In the context of COVID-19, when using your neck gaiter as a face covering, machine wash and dry on high heat or disinfect as suggested by the CDC. Harsher estimates like chlorine bleach or boiling will abbreviate the life expectancy of your neck gaiter and should possibly be used in the event when you don’t approach high temp water.

What is a Neck Gaiter Typically Used for?

Neck gaiters typically come in two types: one is for warm weather, and another one for cold weather. Lightweight neck gaiters can keep you cool and secure when it’s hot outside or during exercise; divided neck gaiters can keep you warm on cold days – or year-round in colder climates. 

Warm Weather Neck Gaiter Uses

Lightweight neck gaiters are ideally suited for keeping you comfortable, even on the hottest days. Wear your neck gaiter on your head to shield your hair from dust, sweat, bugs, even your bicycle helmet! It’s also awesome for ensuring against sunburns from the scalps since it’s lighter than a cap or baseball hat. 

Wear it around your neck to guard against sunburn from the sun and absorb sweat. Wear your neck gaiter over your face to try not to take in residue and dust, keep bugs out of your mouth, and even fill in as a stopgap temporary face cover.

A neck gaiter is ideal for any of these summer activities:

  • Hiking
  • Road cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Camping
  • Fishing and boating
  • Running and any outdoor exercise

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Cold Weather Neck Gaiter Uses

Protected and fleece-lined neck gaiters give additional glow in chilly weather. Wear a neck gaiter on your head to keep your ears warm (or just to keep cap hair under control!). Wear a neck gaiter around your neck to give more warmth than a loose-fitting scarf. You can wear it up around your face to protect your jaw, cheeks, and nose from cold winter winds. We’ve even got twofold layer neck gaiters currently to keep you extra toasty outside.

A cold weather neck gaiter is suitable for any of these activities:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Winter hiking and camping
  • Working outdoors
  • Cold offices and work facilities

Depending upon how hot you get while skiing or snowboarding, a lightweight neck gaiter in single or twofold layer style can now and again be all you need to remain warm and agreeable on the slopes- particularly whenever utilized as a full face covering.

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Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

If you are wondering how to wear a neck gaiter or how one elastic tube could be helpful? Then let’s take a look at the list of a few different styles of wearing a neck gaiter.

Face Mask

Considering the pestilence circumventing around the globe, the face veil is one of the ways in which you can wear the neck gaiter. For wearing it, you just need to move it around your neck and afterward basically pull it up to cover your nose and mouth.

 how to wear a neck gaiter


This is perhaps the most well-known method of wearing the neck gaiter. Although all kinds of people can use this style, it is broadly used by men. You can wear it like a cap, and for this, you have to turn it back to front, put it over your head, and lastly, just twice overlay it back the correct way around. Presently you have the force over your head, and it’s finished.

 how to wear a neck gaiter


This specific method of wearing a neck gaiter is additionally referred to as Bandana. For this, you need to tie a knot in one end of your neck gaiter and change it as per your head. Essentially put it over your head and slay.

 how to wear a neck gaiter

Bobble Hat

If you ever wonder how to wear a neck gaiter with bobble hat style? This style is somewhat like Beanie, however here, and you need to begin as you did with the beanie; however, at that point, pull it over and wear it.


Creating a balaclava with your neck gaiter is most likely more straightforward than you might think! To start with, pull the gaiter over your head and around your neck. Then, pull the rear of the tube over your head to create a tube, leaving your face briefly still uncovered. 

 how to wear a neck gaiter

Ultimately, take a portion of the fabric a couple of inches underneath your jaw and cautiously crease enough of it up to cover your nose while leaving it as much as possible to be expected to secure your neck and jaw. In the event that you did it right, you’ll have two layers of fabric over your mouth and nose to keep you warm.

Head Band

Assuming you need to give yourself an energetic look, try this headband style. For this, you just need to move the neck gaiter around your forehead to wear it. It truly works well in continuing to shield your eyes from sweat.


Do Rag

How to wear a neck gaiter in Do Rag style? To wear your neck gaiter as a do-rag or loose bandana, simply pull 33% of the tube over the highest point of your head while allowing the other end to hang freely at the back. For most significant protection, consider covering your ears too for the extra UV safety of this vulnerable area. 

A slight alteration of the do-rag transforms your neck gaiter into a saccharine. Start by turning the gaiter back to front. Then, lay it over your head like a flat mohawk from your forehead to the back of your neck. 

do rag

Spot one hand inside the tube and hold the bottom layer of fabric against your forehead. Pull the top layer of material back over your head to frame a cap with your other hand. In the event that you did it right, you’ll have a little cape in the back to secure your neck!


If you are out of bracelets and need to wear an accessory, utilize a neck gaiter and roll it around your hand. It will, without a doubt, give you a crazy look.

Neck Warmer

Face Warmer is very similar to a face mask; however, you should consider twofold it and afterward pull it up around the rear of your neck too for your glow.

Neck Warmer

Hat Liner

Last but not the least, a hat liner is another acceptable method to wear a neck gaiter. You need to wear the neck gaiter under a cap, and it will give an additional layer of warmth.

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Final Words

So, here are some ways on how to wear a neck gaiter. It’s challenging to come by another open accessory frill as flexible as a neck gaiter. For a straightforward tube of fabric, neck gaiters give an amazing level of helpfulness, offering insurance, solace, and style in warm and cool climates the same.

By providing excellent material for no particular reason and exciting plans, it’s not challenging to purchase neck gaiters that fit your character and style. Neck gaiters are ideally suited for outside experiences, from skiing to setting up camp to everything in the middle.