Whether you are a street style enthusiast or just a mom doing her daily chores, you have got a shirt or two that won’t tuck right no matter how much you try! Keep one thing in mind, not all shirts are designed in the same way. Here, we will show you How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro easily!

The art of tucking your shirt is quite easy to learn yet it will uplift your attractive look to a new level! But then again, all the tuck in your shirt is made equally and you will need different tucks as per the situation. You need a little tuck here and there to let it reach its full designing potential!

Guide on How to Tuck Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

If you are heading to a corporate meeting then maybe half-tuck is not a good professional look to show off at the conference! That’s why we have come up with different tucks for different occasions and how it can hoist your hotness! These tucks are:

  • The Half Tuck 
  • The Front Tuck
  • The Full Tuck
  • The Loose Tuck
  • The Military Tuck
  • The Jacket Tuck
  • The Tied Tuck

The Half Tuck

How to Tuck Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

One of the favorites among the street style set is the half-tuck which will create a cool and deliberately undone look. For this type of tuck, a button-down blouse is an easy option. 

If you are looking for something which can prove that half the effort equates to double the effect right then this is the tuck you were looking for! Let’s see How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro by using the half tuck. All you have to do is just front tuck only one side of a button-down shirt to achieve a stylish and unique look.

Unfastening the bottom two or three buttons will give you the best results.  Loosen one side of the tuck completely from just above the belt to your hip after you’ve fully tucked the top to achieve the perfect amount of hotness!

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The Front Tuck

If you want to go casual yet corporate then this is the perfect tuck for you. A tuck that is Business in the front, party in the back!  If you want to define your waist without making it the focal point then going for the Front tuck is the best decision! By tucking in just a few inches of material in the front, you can transform any knitwear or jumper from bulky to polish. 

If you need a casual-cool look in need of just a pinch of polish, then hope on the bus of front tuck! If you want to utilize it then the best look is; front tuck the shirt just above the zipper and leave the remaining fabric draping over.

The Full Tuck

If you are looking for a professional result then tucking in your shirt all the way around instantly pulls together your ensemble for a corporate meeting. If you want to adjust your tuck then use this trick:- raise your arms overhead to untuck just the right amount of fabric, after you have tightly tucked in your shirt.

Think this one is a no-brainer? Wrong! Let’s see How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro; begin by putting the top on first, and then slipping bottoms on afterward to achieve a smoother effect. To separate the top evenly for a super-tight and evenly distributed look, use your hands.

If you want your full tuck to be constant, breathable and ready-to-go, raise your arms above your head as high as you can, so the shirt rises an inch or so from where you initially tucked it.

The Loose Tuck

How to Tuck Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

The most basic way of tucking your shirt in and most likely the method you’ve been using since your school days, the loose truck will be a favorite of everyone. However, this doesn’t imply that it is of no use in today’s modern world!

For speed and ease the loose tuck is still good and best; let’s see How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro with some basics. To get it right simply tuck the excess fabric at the hem of your shirt into the waistband of your trousers, keeping it even all the way around, before fastening your zip and buttons, and holding everything in place with your favorite belt.

The Military Tuck

If you are looking for tuck that will always stay in your life then the military tuck is one tuck that won’t leave your life! This method will eliminate one of the biggest problems; when the fabric of your shirt begins to bunch up around the front, becoming loose and unsightly.

Let’s see how you can pull it off and How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro; the first step is to tuck your shirt into your waistband, as you have been doing all these years, but rather than simply stopping there and buttoning up your shirt, run your thumbs around the front to the sides of your waistband and smooth any creases or bunching forming in front of the shirt.

The next step is to pinch the fabric at each side and fold it back on itself as it will create a fitted look, ensuring that your shirt’s placket lines up with the zip on your trousers. Finally and the most important step, stand back and admire the art of a perfectly tucked shirt in the mirror!

The Jacket Tuck

How to Tuck Shirt Like a Street Style Pro

If you love wearing jackets then you know that a good, sharp-fitting jacket can hide a multitude of iniquities – one being a baggy and bulky shirt.

If you have a shirt that is quite full and baggy, then wear a jacket and you can cheat a bit! The first step includes pulling the fullness of the shirt back, giving it a smooth front and hiding the extra cloth at the back, under your jacket. Now in the last step, you need to pull down well to tuck your shirt in.

You’ll have to wear your jacket all the time if you are looking for this tuck-in!

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Final Words

If you want to know How to Tuck Shirt like a Street Style Pro then this guide will help you a lot with different types of tucks and how to do them. Tuck your shirt as per the occasion and you will never seem out of place like your untucked shirt!