Corsets tops were once considered an extreme fashion statement – that is, for the past few decades. They were usually seen on Halloween, as part of a beautiful princess costume or a Moulin Rouge moment, or on the red carpet, worn by “It” celebs in the late ’90s and early ’00s. 

Even when the “going out” top was at its peak, or when fashion fully accepted lingerie as everyday wear, corsets were never truly a wardrobe staple. They were unique, entertaining, and unexpected. Then came 2022, and they’re suddenly everywhere, every day, no matter where the wearer is going.

The corset (and clothes inspired by it) is one of the many fashion styles that have cycled in and out of favor over the years. Wearers throughout history have favored this waist-cincher for its capacity to create an hourglass form, whether you’re trying on old-school costumes or wearing a corset top for a casual outfit. 

Relax if you are a newbie for buying one for yourself. This guide will provide complete information about corsets & types of corset tops, how to style a corset top, and the important factors before buying one.

  • What is a Corset?
  • Ways To Style a Corset Top in 2022
  • With a leather jacket
  • As a Crop Top
  • As Vintage Shapewear
  • Over a Shirt
  • Over a Dress
  • With a Button-Down
  • With Casual Pants
  • With a Midi Skirt
  • Different Types of Corsets
  • Hourglass Corset
  • Pipe Stem Corset
  • Wasp Corsets
  • S Curve Corset
  • Ribbon Corset
  • Corset Belt (Waist-cincher)
  • Front Laced / Front and Back Laced Corset
  • Waspie
  • Factors to Look For When Buying a Corset
  • Select The Right Waist Size
  • Break in Your Corset
  • Fabric
  • Comfort
  • Type of Corset
  • Final Words

What is a Corset?

A corset is traditionally an undergarment worn on the torso that shapes or trains the body into an hourglass appearance. A typical corset is two pieces of fabric that join in the front and lace in the back, allowing wearers to tie it as tightly as they like to tighten the waist.

Historically, corset whalebone or steel boning strengthened the corset shape from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century. In contrast, many current corset makers employ plastic or nylon instead of the traditional busk. 

Modern fashion stores have adapted the original corset silhouette into more casual types of corset tops, which tighten the waist and support the breasts (like a bustier) but frequently lack reinforced boning due to movement restrictions. 

Many current shapewear items (including waist training undergarments that shape the torso into a curve over time) serve the same purpose as a corset: to enhance the bust and streamline the waist.

Corsets can be worn as undergarments, a shirt, shapewear, or a costume. Modern corsetry includes garments made of satin, cotton, silk, coutil, leather, and velvet, as well as plastic or metal support frames.

Ways To Style a Corset Top in 2022

The corset top is already this year’s go-to style, from the runway to TikTok videos. While it has its roots in weddings, street-style superstars aren’t waiting till their wedding days to wear the curve-hugging shape. There are many ways to style a corset top according to some fashion experts.

According to data, customers are already purchasing 225 percent more corsets and bustiers than they did last year. Here are eight exciting ways how to style a corset top if you want to join the influencer-approved trend.

With a leather jacket

While the bustier top is traditionally feminine, the leather jacket is anything but. This season, marry the masculine-feminine characteristics by wearing your bustier with a leather jacket and combat boots to boost up your girly image.

Corset Top With a leather jacket

Corset Crop Top 

Many fashionable corset shirts fall just above or below the belly button, making them great corset crop tops. For a night out on the town, wear a short corset with a short skirt or a pair of menswear-inspired pants. 

Tuck a strapless white corset into high-rise skinny jeans and layer on a cardigan for extra warmth. Change up the colors and patterns to make the outfit more or less formal. A lace corset crop top with a midi skirt is a dressy date night style, but a basic white or black corset top with wide-leg slacks or culottes is a daytime outfit.

Corset Crop Top 

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As Vintage Shapewear

Shapewear corsets smooth your torso’s silhouette by tightening the waist and supporting the chest, removing the need for a bra if you usually wear one. Wear a corset underneath a vintage garment to achieve a more realistic Victorian or mid-twentieth-century look. 

Style a shapewear corset under something more slim-fitting, such as a bias-cut or bodycon dress, for a more modern look. Choose a cotton, silk, or satin corset, as these fabrics will slip under the garment without causing creases or lines.

Corset Tops

Over a Shirt

There are many ways to style corset tops, among them a classic outfit that can be dressed up or down is a leather corset (or corset top) worn over an oversized white button-down shirt is the best choice. Wear this look with leather leggings and heels, or make it into a mini-dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

As a tribute to the Middle Ages, layer a corset over a shirt with puff sleeves. Layer a turtleneck sweater under a corset for extra warmth in the winter.

Corset Tops over a shirt

Over a Dress

Wearing a corset over a dress will highlight your hourglass body and highlight your uniqueness. It looks well over a flowy piece like a maxi dress or a fitted one like a bodycon dress for a little more edge. 

Layer a corset over a T-shirt dress for more character, then cover with a blazer for a traditional look. Alternatively, wear a corset over any jumpsuit, from billowy and oversized to fitted fashion.

Corset over a dress

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With a Button-Down

Corsets were once considered undergarments, but they no longer are. Experiment with layering to dress up your favorite basics, whether they’re a long white button-down or a casual graphic tee.

Corset Tops with button down shirt

With Casual Pants

We don’t blame you if you’re not ready to give up your flared leggings. If you want to strike a balance between comfortable and put-together, pair a corset with your favorite stretchy bottoms and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Corset Tops with pants

With a Midi Skirt

This in-between, throw-on-and-go bottom may already be a staple in your summer collection. When paired with a corset cropped top, it appears romantic and feminine rather than casual and effortless (despite the fact that it is).

Corset Tops with midi

Different Types of Corsets

There are many types of corsets for all sizes of women available. Here are some of the most popular types of corset:

Hourglass Corset

The classic Victorian corset is the most traditional kind of corset. The hourglass corset creates a stunning hourglass shape with a very small waist. This clothing does not compress the lower ribs. The waist is only tightened. It can be over the bust, under bust, or mid bust, with a straight neckline or a sweetheart shape.

Hourglass Corset

Pipe Stem Corset

The body is stretched throughout the torso in this design, improving the impression of an incredibly long torso. Rigid boning is utilized to give the torso the illusion of length. 

The main disadvantage of this type is the somewhat severe strain on the lower ribs – you cannot wear this form of corset for an incredibly long time. To fit into this kind of corset, regular waist training is required.

Pipe Stem Corset

Wasp Corsets

This corset is designed to create impossibly small waists by nipping at the waist and cutting the body nearly in two and named so because you imitate a wasp with a segmented body. This puts some tension on the rib cage and belly.

Wasp Corsets

S Curve Corset

This corset style produced a form with the chest thrust out, and the hips pushed back, resulting in an S shape to the torso. This corset had an immovable busk and supporting steels at the front (rather than the inward curving busk popular at the time), resulting in the curved shape. 

It is also known as the straight front corset or the Gibson Girl corset, and the profile it formed was known as the S curve, the kangaroo profile, and the Gibson profile.

S Curve

Ribbon Corset

A ribbon corset is a lightweight corset that is suitable for everyday use (strips of fabric). It is really comfortable to wear and not as form-fitting as others. It’s known as the modern-day corset.

Ribbon Corset

Corset Belt (Waist-cincher)

This is a short corset that only covers the waist. It almost appears to be a wide belt. In comparison to other corsets, it will only provide a minor waist compression.


Front Laced / Front and Back Laced Corset

The appearance of the lacing determines this classification. The corset can be laced up the front only, the front and back, or even three times.


This short corset goes from under the ribcage to the top of the hips. This is a modern corset designed by fashion designer Christian Dior that incorporates elastic straps in the back for stretch and back lacing.


Factors to Look For When Buying a Corset Tops

Have you ever worn a corset? Always wanted to try one but was unsure how it worked? So, here are some pointers for buying a corset for the first time, whether for yourself or someone else. It is crucial to consider a few essential factors when purchasing a corset. Including:

Select The Right Waist Size

Corset sizes are determined by waist circumference, so measure yours. Wrap a measuring tape around your natural waistline, pushing it across your belly button. The size of your corset will be somewhat smaller than the size of your waist. 

If your waist measurement is less than 38 inches, choose a corset size four to seven inches smaller than your natural waist. 

Choose a corset size seven to ten inches smaller than your average waist measurement for waist sizes greater than thirty-eight inches. Don’t be concerned about sizing too small; the lacing allows the corset to be adjusted.

Break in Your Corset

When wearing a corset for the first time, it is critical to breaking it in for comfort and optimum size (or the first few times). Lace your corset loosely and only wear it for two hours at a time. Start tightening the corset as it fits your figure, tying the laces tighter each time you wear it.


Your corset’s fabric will determine its lifespan and easiness. The exterior material must be durable enough to support the pressure, while the lining must be breathable. To wear your corset all day, every day, choose a 100% cotton lining.


Breathing is only one component of overall comfort in a waist trainer. Remember that you can wear these over light layers, such as a tee or a tank top, or over-flowy clothing. In either case, comfort comes first. 

It may need some wardrobe adjustments to include waist training activities into your everyday routine, but this is a worthwhile change. When comparing the comfort of different waist trainers, take the following in mind:

  • Pin and hook placement
  • The type of fabric
  • The boning materials

Type of Corset Tops

Corsets tops are classified into two types: underbust and overbust. Overbust corsets are appealing to most body shapes, whereas everyone can wear Underbust corsets. If your bra cup size is DD or above, you may prefer the extra support afforded by an Overbust corset. You should also choose a Waist Taming or an Expert Waist Training corset.

Traditionally, underbust corset tops would be more practical for everyday usage. Underbust is lighter than Overbust and provides for a little more flexibility.

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Final Words

Have fun after you’ve found the ideal types of corset tops! A fantastic corset top not only offers you a more appealing outline but also adds drama and elegance to whatever you’re wearing and boosts your confidence while you’re wearing it. They’re a lot of fun to wear, and if they’re gifts, you get to watch the recipient having a good time. It’s a win-win situation.

A corset top can help you achieve the ideal hourglass form by securing the waist and creating a sculpting effect while also correcting your stance. 

You won’t need to look any farther with this list of corsets for all females. These will provide you with the most comprehensive amount of comfort while also providing you with an absolutely smooth outline.


How do you style a corset top?

The High-Fashion Corset Was The Met Gala 2022’s Biggest Breakout Trend. If there’s one thing that both the AW22 and SS22 seasons have made obvious, it’s that this is the year for bringing sexiness into your wardrobes.