Just like a scarf or a piece of jewelry, belts can be one of the stylish accessories for your outfits. Apart from being functional, belts can be marvelous add-ons to outfits. Not only do they represent your personal style but also help you showcase your body more prominently. 

We often see men wearing belts, but women wearing belts is occasional. Unless you have a jeans or skirt that fits you loosely, belts may not slide into your outfits. Now, you may be wondering how to wear a belt other than on your jeans. But, there are various other outfits to wear a belt upon.

Regardless of the seasons and the trends, belts are always in fashion. Albeit the trends and styles keep changing, there are some types that may stay classy timelessly. Below is a complete guide on how to wear a belt for ladies.

All About Wearing A Belt For Women

Belts may seem like the most versatile accessories. But in reality, they are very specific and can be worn on certain outfits according to the kind of style you want. Although there are a wide variety of belts, they can suit specific styles only.

An interesting fact about belts is that they can be styled creatively with our outfits. You can tie a knot, twist the belt, make a flower or try other amazing ideas to wear your belts fashionably. There are ample designs available in belts and you can choose how to tie a women’s belt from the various types.

There are three ways how to wear a belt females can use to style their outfits. One is the usual way to keep the pants up. The second method is to wear it on your natural waistline with a dress, skirt or over a blazer or coat. Another way is to wear a belt slightly higher or lower than your natural waistline. This is a life-saving hack for women who do not have a well-defined waistline and want to show a curvy figure!

When To Wear A Belt

 How to wear a belt

Are you clueless on how to style a belt? No worries, a fair number of females are. The belts, however, must be chosen carefully keeping in mind your body type and the kind of occasion you are wearing it for. 

Belts can be worn at almost all of the occasions, including weddings. A casual buckle belt or rope belt can be worn for outwears or over jeans and dresses. Wide, metal or chain belts can go well with party outfits if you are planning to wear one at a club or cocktail party. A pretty but simple dress can be styled by adding a sash, bow or braided belt. Got a wedding? You can wear a jeweled belt to style up your dress or gown. 

Belts are usually worn when you tuck your top or tee to give a more trendy look. But, for a voguish look, you can go bolder and wear it over your outfit! You can wear them over your blazers or coats for a formal and sophisticated look. Or, you can also wear it over a cardigan or sweater if you are going for a date or casual outing.

Different Types of Belts

Buckle Belt

The usual buckle belts give a classic look as always. The buckles and holes may come in different shapes and sizes. You can just pick the right one for your outfit.

Style With– Jeans, Oversized dresses 

Occasion– Casual, Formal

Skinny Belt

Skinny belts give the feminine touch your outfit needs as subtly as possible. A skinny belt is very thin with a buckle so you can expect it to style your outfit but not keep your pants in place. 

Style With– loose tops, dresses, pants

Occasion– casual

Braided Belt

A braided belt does not have any holes. Instead, you can fit the buckle within any of the grooves of the braids as per the fitting. Braided belts give a more casual and fashionable look when paired with dresses, skirts, or denim.

Style With-Maxi dress

Occasion– Casual

Metal Belt

Metal belts can be considered more of accessories than belts because that is what they work as. Shiny and magnificent as they look, they can spice up the outfits without doing anything much.

Style With– Long skirts, plain dresses

Occasion-cocktail parties, clubs, 

Sash Belt

A sash belt is an exquisite accessory for your wardrobe. A sash belt can be tied around your waist however you want to. This means you get a lot of room for creativity and styling options.

Style With– Long dresses and suits

Occasion-Wedding, Party

Jeweled Buckle Belt

A jeweled buckle belt is an ideal choice for a dress you want to shine and glimmer. The buckle is embellished with different jewels that give a luxurious look to your outfit making it stunning within a second. 

Style With– Cocktail dress, plain dress, elegant dress

Occasion– Party, wedding

Chain Belt

A chain belt is more like a chain than a belt. This out-of-the-ordinary belt will glamor up your simple outfit by attracting all the attention. While wearing this belt, remember not to wear big and clashing jewelry. The belt is the host for your party outfit! 

Style With– Body-con dress, Short or crop tees

Occasion– Cocktail parties, clubs 

Bow Belt

Pretty bows are now in fashion and having one as a belt is a must. These bow belts would be perfect for any simple dresses you want to wear at a party since they will be the highlight of your outfit. Any plain skirt or maxi dress you have, add a bow belt for a change.

Style With– Plain outfit, plain gowns

Occasion– Casual, outerwear

Rope Belt

The rope belt is one of the most fashionable and easiest to style up your outfit. Tying it around your waist in a chic manner is all you need to do for your outfit to be party ready. For any skirt, dress or even jeans, there are many types of rope belts available for every type of outfit. You can tie it to one of the sides or layer it asymmetrically for a different look.

Style With– Crop or short tees, dresses, maxi dress

Occasion- Casual, outerwear

Lace-up Belt

This retro-style belt can complement most of your dresses. A wider corset or laced belt would go well with a smaller waist while a belt with less width would be suitable for a fuller waist.

Style With– Loose dresses, jumpsuit

Occasion– Club, Parties, Special occasions

Oversized Belt

Oversized belts can be found in various shapes and sizes. Since they are very wide, they cover most of the waist making it look slimmer and in shape.

Style With– Asymmetric dresses, coats, blazers, long shirts, helter dresses

Occasion– Parties, Special occasions

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Peplum Belt

Peplum belts are the best additions to give an extra flow to your outfits. For all the ladies with a petite waist, this belt can be a good addition to their outfits. 

Style With– Pencil skirts, leggings, Skinny jeans, 

Occasion– Casual and party

Different Ways To Style A Belt

Over An Outerwear

Cardigans, sweaters, shrugs, any type of outerwear you have, a belt will complement it all right. The belt will help you keep the outfit in place and also give an interesting twist to it. Skinny, braided, lace, rope, buckle, any casual belt would be perfect in accordance with your outfit.

Over an outerwear - how to style a belt

Over a Top

A loose or oversized top can be styled instantly with the addition of a fashionable belt. Either with a sweater or a party top, a perfect belt will always rock the outfit. Long tunics, vintage or stylish tops or oversized shirts can all be paired with a wide or medium sized belt for a more outstanding look. 

Over a top - how to style a belt

Over a Coat

Wearing or adding a belt over a jacket, trench coat or faux fur coat is now the latest trend. The coat and the belt can be of the same color or a contrasting shade. A metal belt, oversized belt, corset belt or buckle belt would make a simple coat or jacket look dramatic and bold.

Over a coat

Over a Dress

Now you may be thinking how to wear a belt for women over a dress, right? You can pick any plain long dress or a pretty short dress that fits loosely. A belt around slightly near to your hips or your ribs can make your dress look more glamorous. You can choose from wide belt, oversized belts, lace-up, braided, rope, chain, skinny, corset or any other belt that can go best with your outfit. Of course, you need to keep in mind that some belts can be worn only for certain occasions.

Over a dress - how to style a belt

Over a Blazer

Blazers are already stylish pieces of clothing. But belts can upgrade them more efficiently than you may think. For a more sophisticated but stylish look, you can go for plain or contrasting colors in belts. The types you can choose from are buckle belts, oversized belts, skinny or reversible belts.

Blazer - how to style a belt

Over a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are complete apparel. Belts give a line of separation to show off the curve better. If you plan to go for a party, a laced belt, metal belt, jeweled belt, braided, skinny or even a rope belt to achieve a fabulous look. You can go as creative and fashionable as possible here.

With a skirt

Skirts usually look pretty even without a belt. But the addition can make your figure look more curvy. A mini skirt, pencil skirt or a flowy pleated skirt, any type of skirt can be paired with a suitable belt to enhance your outfit for the occasion. The different types of belts give you an unlimited option for styling your wardrobes.


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Do’s and Don’ts

Although fashion depends on personal taste and can be flexible, you can style the outfits by following the expert tips. Here are some of the do’s and don’t for you to follow while wearing a belt.


  • Wear the same color of belt as your outfit. It makes you look more streamlined.
  • Store and clean your belts properly. Accessories go a long way when stored properly.
  • Create shapes and cures using belts. This makes the outfit more interesting.
  • Buy some colorful and bold belts. They sprinkle magic on a plain outfit.
  • Show off your belt. No need to be shy about your shape or size while wearing a belt.
  • Keep up with the trends for belts. You might want to clear out your wardrobe by replacing the old belts with new ones.


  • Don’t fold or curl your belt too tightly when storing them.
  • Don’t wear your belt too tight.
  • Don’t match every single accessory with your belt.
  • Don’t overshadow your statement belt with larger or more prominent accessories.
  • Don’t be afraid to style your outfits with a belt. 
  • Don’t wear lighter or fabric belts for winters. Instead, you can wear leather belts.
  • Don’t mash two different styles while adding a belt. It can degrade the outfit too much.

Final Words

Belts may seem the easiest but are the most difficult to style. Use these tips on how to style a belt and spice up your outfit with these amazing belts. Although choosing a belt can be a tough decision, you should remember that there are no absolute rules for fashion. 

It is important to match and find your personal style and dress accordingly. So, you need to choose a belt how you like your jewelry as it can complement your outfit more beautifully. Go ahead and try these fantastic looks with belts for your occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a woman wear a belt with jeans?

Usually, women do not wear belts with jeans and yet look amazing. But, if you plan on tucking in your t-shirt or shirt, a belt would be a good addition to separate the waistline and ensure there are no lumps under the shirt.

How to wear a belt with a loose dress?

You can style your loose dress with a belt very easily. You can just tie it around the hips and wrap it in the front or back if you want a casual look. You can also use different types of belts and different ways to wear a belt to get a more classy look. 

Do belts go left or right?

Technically, while wearing a belt in women, the belt goes clockwise or left to right. The end of the belt goes into the buckle and to the right side of the zipper or button if you look at it as a wearer.

How to choose the right belt for outfits?

While choosing the right belt for your outfit there are many factors that you need to keep in mind. 
Ensure that your belt complements your look– You need to know what look you are going for and choose a belt suitable for that look. There may be many options in the belt and this makes it more difficult to choose the right one.
Choose the right width and length of your belt– Wide belts can make your torso look proportional if you are tall but if you are short, then thin or slim belts would look better as they do not cover the whole torso. Similarly, if you have a short length for your belt, it can make you look chubby. On the other hand, a longer belt will stick out and get in the way of your movements.
Think of the belt as one of your jewelry– Your belt and your jewelry should go together. If you wear big and antique jewelry, you can consider wearing a buckle with a big buckle. Just how your accessories should go together, so should your belt.