Keeping the fashion police satiated during summer months is surely not an easy nut to crack. But that’s where our designers come in to fill the lacuna with top-edge styles and patterns which is bound to leave you feeling all easy-breezy while you step out to brave the scorching heat outdoors.

Taking a cue from the men’s summer fashion of top Hollywood heartthrobs who never fail to mesmerize us with their trend-setting style statements, we have compiled the ultimate hit-list to help you make your fashion prowess felt even before summer officially arrives with a bang.

Best Summer Collection Of Men

  • Printed Shirts
  • Pastel Sneakers
  • Bold Striped Suits
  • Pleats In Your Trousers
  • Ripped Light Denim Jeans
  • Round Sunglasses
  • Longer Shorts
  • White Chinos
  • Wide Leg Linen Trousers
  • Colorful Bracelets
  • Statement T-Shirts
  • Leather Sandals
  • Seersucker Fabric

men's wear

Printed Shirts

summer collections

You can choose from an array of polka dot, abstract, and floral print options to stock up your wardrobe with men’s summer fashion apparel. Florals have been associated with summer months since the very beginning of fashion evolution. You can actually add a dash of color to a neutral base by opting for sporadic prints without screaming “Hawaii here I come” out loud. Designers have flooded the fashion scene by combining jeans or dark tailored chinos with printed shirts in the pared-back color palette to nail the sexy summer look.

Pastel Sneakers

sneakers collections

Bid adieu to the bold kicks of last year with the soft pastel shades which have also spread its wings over the footwear segment. From peach to salmon, beige, mint, and baby blue, the choice is endless when it comes to the sneaker’s department. You can even take a cue from Justin Bieber and Scott Disick who is often seen sporting pastel hues to perfection.

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Bold Striped Suits

suits for men

The typical pinstripe suit has received a facelift in the form of bolder stripes to rule the men’s summer fashion scene in 2018. Other than it’s obvious eye-catching dynamics, these patterns appear to be extremely flattering irrespective of their body shape.

Pleats In Your Trousers


Trousers with pleats are perfect for those who wish to bulk up their bottom half by camouflaging their string-bean legs. This men’s summer fashion trend can be matched casually with a t-shirt and belt or alternatively with a diner jacket to raise up your style standard a notch higher.

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Ripped Light Denim Jeans

denim jeans for summer

Fashion Moghuls such as Saint Laurent, John Elliot, and D-Squared have made it eminent with their runaway trends that the ripped light denim is here to stay for long. Splurge over some light shaded denim displaying a wide spectrum of washes ranging from indigo to bleached varieties for keeping your men summer fashion on point.

Round Sunglasses

sunglasses for men

Keep it old-school with the Lennon sunglasses which can keep your eyes protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays as you attend those weekend brunches. This retro-inspired accessory is tailor-made for those having square, narrow, or angular facial features.

Longer Shorts

summer collections

The hem length of the shorts keeps on fluctuating with every season and this year the designers have decided to end the shorts a few inches below the knee line. This everyday staple of men summer fashion brings along a lot of variety in the form of sporty bold colors and abstract patterns to impart a new life to your wardrobe.

White Chinos

collections for men

This is one men’s summer trend that is hard to dislike. After all, the effortlessly well-groomed white chinos bring along a lightweight feel and clean-cut fit to help you hack the summer style game like a boss. You can even roll up the ankles for nailing a more casual look.

Wide Leg Linen Trousers

trousers for men

These serve as the perfect confluence of comfort and luxury as the cozy feel of the premium linen provides your skin with tons of breathing room. You can opt for a fitted waistband if your physique calls out for more structure. Alternatively, you can pair it up with a relaxed waist tie for radiating that low-key vibe.

Colorful Bracelets


Bracelet is one of those very few things which have stood the test of time when it comes to the dynamic world of fashion. Nonetheless, it has diversified a lot in the form of beads, stones, plain leather, and much more. You can either rock them singularly or mix and match within the same shade family for nailing one of the biggest men summer fashion trends of 2018 which has been rocking the fashion scene of top designers internationally. These colorful accessories never miss their mark when it comes to pepping up your entire appearance and placing you as a fashion guru whom girls would love to swoon over.

Statement T-Shirts

summer wears for men

Let your shirt do the talking this summer with the trendsetting slogan tees which have ranked high in the 2018 men’s summer fashion scene. Other than being the talking point of the next party circuit where people just can’t stop praising your wicked sense of humor, courtesy those humorous t-shirts, they can also serve as a comfy and cool conversation starter at a bar. And the best thing about these apparel is that they can be easily teamed up with almost every form of bottom wear be it chinos or jeans.

Leather Sandals

sandals for men

Leather is one material that radiates an aura of plush feel from every corner. Men’s summer fashion wardrobe simply also cannot be completed without the leather sandals featuring interwoven straps and asymmetrical designs. As the old saying goes, functional does not necessarily need to have a nerdy look and with the best leather sandals having utilitarian designs, your style game can be on point round the clock.

Seersucker Fabric

summer collections

This New York classic style fabric can be the perfect choice for keeping it cool this summer. Its breezy texture gets accentuated with checkers or thin puckered stripes to let you face the sun godlike a pro. This summer essential can be effortlessly teamed up with shorts, shirts, blazers, or jackets for that bang-on style.

The rising temperature does not necessarily mean that your dressing style will take up a sloppy shape. You can actually stay and look cool with proper menus summer fashion tips and tricks up your sleeve. So, whether you are at a pool party or a weekend picnic, follow the pointers shared above to keep your style game top-notch and Instagram worthy at all times.