Yes, a great outfit can make your day, also we all have those outfits that make you look fabulous and feel sexy.The next thing is how to dress to look thinner to do workouts and eating properly? Confused? Still many of you are unable to think over how you can get the figure-flattering look, apart from doing regular exercises and following strict diet plans. These are nothing but some dressing and styling tips.

Well, it’s true! Just think that if you wear a figure-flattering outfit and a nice pair of shoes, it not only makes you look gorgeous but also makes you feel hot and confident. But what about when you have clothes in your closet that make you feel unfashionable, heavier and boring, here come the style tips for how to dress to look thinner as your rescue.

 But, when it comes to looking slim with your style, many of you fail to do so. It is so because of the unfamiliarity with the key points that can make you learn how to dress to look thinner and prepare you for collecting compliments.

Tips for How to Dress to look thinner

Yes, choosing your outfits wisely by using some tips and tricks you can make a great difference to the way you look and feel. This way, you can make the illusion of looking slimmer without hitting a gym and dieting.

Simply go through this guide of how to dress to look thinner, and make some simple changes to your wardrobe and look your best. 

  • Match pants/skirts with shoes
  • Get the right jacket
  • Wear jeans with heels or tuck in your top/shirt
  • Choose the printed dresses wisely
  • Wear wide-collar coat
  • Combo of straight-leg jeans and scarf
  • Wear pumps that match your skin tone
  • Get right shapewear


Match pants/skirts with shoes

How to dress to look thinner

If you really want to learn how to dress to look thinner, you must learn the skills to match your pants or skirts with shoes or stockings. This way, you will look 10 pounds slimmer than you are, especially if it is black.

Do you not like the one-color theme on your body or it goes out of your taste? You can opt to wear bright shoes to improve things in your favor.

Get the right jacket

Buying a jacket with hip-length is something that works great in making you look thinner. On the other hand, too baggy or oversized jackets can bring a disaster to your look and you will look larger instead of getting a figure-flattering look. You must tapered jacket in your closet that will always help you to whittle your waist.

Wear jeans with heels or tuck in your top/shirt

Have you ever wondered why most of the celebrities choose this look in ads or magazines? The answer is simple, this look makes them slimmer. When you learn how to dress to look thinner using this classic look, you will always look longer and leaner whenever you wear jeans with heels or you choose to tuck in your shirt or top.

More flattering is boot-cut jeans or straight-leg jeans that fit perfectly on the hips and cover your foot when you wear heels.

Choose the printed dresses wisely

Going to buy a dress or searching online for a casual/party dress? You must know that dresses with prints are not considered slimming as compared to dresses with solid colors. But, it does not mean you have to avoid wearing prints; the main idea is to get the prints wisely that go well with your figure.

For example, if you have a heavy bottom, you can wear a printed A-line dress with black tights. Always keep in mind that the smaller prints you wear, the smaller you will look.

Wear wide-collar coat

Obviously, no one wants to feel like a snowman when you have to cover up everything with loads of clothes. Thus, it makes many of the women look heavier than they actually are. At this time, the coat is one of the key elements to show your style, so why not invest in them wisely?

Wide-collar coat when you wear over the other warm clothes is a way to streamline everything from up to the bottom.

Combo of straight-leg jeans and scarf

How to dress to look thinner

How about trying a scarf and straight-leg jeans when you are looking for different ideas for how to dress to look thinner? Here when you try a combination of scarf and straight-leg jeans, you may feel like nothing can be better than this combo. This style is always flattering and slims your thighs and hips, while a cute scarf works well in grabbing attention to your beautiful face.

Wear pumps that match your skin tone

Another one of the recommended slimming shoe ideas is to wear pumps and that too that matched your skin tone. Wondering why it is so? Suppose, you have worn a dress or skirt with knee-length or mid-thigh style, wearing pumps is something that adds a few inches more to your legs, thus making you look taller and slimmer – one answer to how to dress to look thinner.

The idea of wearing skin-tone pumps works great on legs without leggings, stockings, or socks. Store this idea in your mind for the day when you go to buy shoes for you.

Get right shapewear

When you have curves or a heavy body, shapewear has their own role in making women look slimmer. They really work by distributing bulges and smooth you – only if you wear the right piece of shapewear. Similarly to your outfits, you have to choose the shapewear wisely.

Some of the shapewear that you must have in your closet to look slim are boy shorts, briefs, camis etc. They work great in pulling your stomach and thighs in and define your waist, thus enabling you to wear bodycon dresses and tight pants without any worry of looking heavier or bulky.

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Final Words

Looking for how to dress to look thinner and younger? These points will definitely help you to change your physical appearance by wearing the right clothes and other accessories, a great way to look 10 pounds slimmer right away. Simple wardrobe tweaks are used to look thin, just play with your wardrobe collection smartly or if buying something, get clothes that fit well – here are the slimming secrets, so follow them!