First of all, congratulations on the new phase of your life! Just hold it; motherhood is going to be a crazy journey. Also, you might have found that shopping for maternity clothes can be a real struggle. It may be difficult to find clothing that you actually want to wear, especially when you are in your third trimester. It is also true that as your baby bump grows, you need to work on re-adjusting your wardrobe and shop for attire that you can wear even afterward. It is so because no one wants to spend huge money on creating a whole new wardrobe that you can only wear for a couple of months.

How to dress during pregnancy without spending much money on your clothing is something that every woman should look for. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that can help you enjoy your current wardrobe and save lots of money.

Now, it’s time to find wardrobe gems that help you to celebrate pregnancy with more fun. You just need to find clothes that make you comfortable and feel good. Moreover, this idea of normal dressing while pregnant will also extend your regular wardrobe. So, have you ever thought of how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes?

Here, you will get to learn different ideas for how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. 

How To Dress During Pregnancy

  • Leggings as your belly wraps
  • Use bra extensions
  • Invest in some bodysuits
  • Wear tank tops
  • Wear oversized t-shirt
  • Choose the extra length for belly band
  • Wear Wrap Dresses
  • Use a rubber band to hold jeans
  • Wear a skirt high waist
  • Buy a bigger size
  • Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the first trimester
  • Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the second trimester
  • Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the third trimester

Leggings As Your Belly Wraps

For expecting women, leggings work amazingly as their favorite belly wraps. Leggings are highly recommended for pregnant women. The elasticity of leggings makes them highly comfortable and easy fit, regardless of your growing tummy and body size.

Belly Wraps

No matter what type of clothing you are going to wear, leggings are the go-to dressing option during pregnancy. Moreover, they are a low-cost investment. The elasticity makes leggings one of the best post-pregnancy belly wraps. How to dress up for pregnancy becomes easier when you have a few leggings in your closet.

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Use Bra Extensions

Bra Extensions- how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes

The bra extensions are used to extend the size of your regular bras. They offer the best way to save money as you don’t need to buy a new bra as per your increased breast size during pregnancy. You can easily find a range of bra extensions in most outfit stores.

Using bra extensions makes the dressing while pregnancy easier and more affordable, where you can adjust them based on how big your breasts grow. After your delivery, when you don’t need these extensions, you can remove them, and you will be good to go.

Invest In Some Bodysuits

Bodysuits- how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes

Pregnant women are recommended to invest in some bodysuits. It would be good to get some t-shirts if they are your favorite outfit idea. T-shirts are the best go-to piece that helps you hide your grown bump. Obviously, you can’t wear an awkwardly looking crop top during your pregnancy.

You can also opt for bodysuits as they work great for belly bands. The elasticity of bodysuits makes you feel comfortable and can easily accommodate your size. Moreover, they can easily fit your efforts of losing weight with belly wraps after giving birth. Bodysuits can easily be adjusted to what belly wraps you use. Also, their elasticity makes them effective postpartum belly wraps.

Wear Tank Tops

Tank Tops

Are you looking for how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes? Tank tops serve as the best friends and give you a comfortable outfit idea during pregnancy.

In addition to the high level of comfort, you can stretch tank tops as far as you want and can wear them during your entire pregnancy. If you choose long tank tops, they look wonderful for hiding unbuttoned pants. Not to forget, these tank tops are great for showing off your baby bump stunningly.

Wear Oversized T-Shirt

Over sized T-Shirt- how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes

Some women do not like wearing an oversized t-shirt, because they love fitted clothes to look stylish and well-dressed. But, this does not happen all the time. It does not mean that you need to get rid of an oversized t-shirt whenever you find it.

Being pregnant and fashionable at the same time is a huge task! However, you can do that by trying these simple oversized t-shirt tips! Then, take this section and turn your t-shirt inside out, followed by stitching elastic above the side beams. Make sure to perform these steps near the hem below the bust line. You will be able to wear a t-shirt that comfortably accommodates any belly wrap. Moreover, it also has sufficient space for your bump as it grows.

Choose The Extra Length For Belly Band

Extra Length

One of the best ideas for how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes is to go for a little extra-length tank and camisoles. When you opt for an outfit with extra border fabric onto a straight-cut hem, it works great in giving comfort during pregnancy.

If you are going to wear an extra-long t-shirt, you can choose to make strips on the circular edge with the help of a scissor. You can also tie knots on both sides of the strips as they will help in securing the beads in place. This will give you a sizable yet fashionable t-shirt for that belly wrap. You can pair it with any type of pants.

Alternatively, you can opt for taking an extra piece of cloth and stitching it to the bottom of your t-shirt. It will help you hide the excess skin of your baby bump. It is a great idea as this t-shirt will also work well with postpartum belly wraps.

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Wear Wrap Dresses

When it comes to wrapping dresses, they are the outfit that goes well on anyone, regardless of the size and body shape. Moreover, wrap dresses are one of the great non-maternity clothes that can also be worn for those days when you don’t have enough choice to wear. In short, these dresses are perfect to wear during pregnancy.

You just require to put on your favorite wrap dress and a pair of comfortable shoes. You are ready to go anywhere. The top section of the wrap dress has enough space to accommodate your growing breasts. Also, these dresses do not have a fitted waistline. They are naturally roomy to fit a baby bump easily.

Wrap Dresses

Use a rubber band to hold jeans

If you want to wear your favorite pair of jeans, but it does not fit you due to a baby bump, here is a wonderful idea for it. Just take a rubber band and loop it through the slit in the waistline. Then, loop it around the jeans button.

If you are wondering how to dress up for pregnancy with jeans, the rubber band can make it easier by withstanding excess pressure. This means now you can enjoy the day in your favorite jeans or pants. Just try this method, and you will surely find it amazing to support the belly wrap until your baby bump turns bigger. Because, at this stage, you may feel uncomfortable using this method.

use a rubber band to hold jeans

Wear a skirt high waist

Though the body size becomes bigger with a pregnancy, it does not mean that all body parts grow in size. It is so because the waist area a little below the breasts hardly changes.

High waist skirt- how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes

This enables you to wear certain clothes comfortably, such as skirts, in most of your pregnancy time. You can wear a skirt slightly above the waist. Though this will make a skirt a little shorter, it will work well for how to dress during pregnancy. You can wear this skirt with leggings. It will make a perfect combination for any day.

Buy a bigger size

A size bigger shirt

Even with these tips, you still require more clothes during pregnancy. If you are not able to decide about buying a few maternity clothes and still wondering how to dress nicely while pregnant, you can try buying regular clothes but in a bigger size than your normal size.

Many pregnant women try this idea. This is something that will also help you save money by looking through discounted clothes. Buying clothes in a bigger size can also be worn right after birth since your body will take some time to get into its normal size. Sometimes, it may not happen or take too much effort to get back your previous size. 

Now here are some ideas on how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes for the different trimesters.

Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the first trimester

  • You can wear overalls and adjust their straps as per your need. Overalls can be in the first trimester, depending on how much it fits you.
  • You can opt for wearing oversized peasant blouses. This is something that makes classic non-maternity clothing for spring and summer.
  • You can wear jumpers and rompers that do not have a tight waistband. 
  • If your belly is growing faster, you can choose to wear leggings, pants, and shorts with elastic waists or tie waists. You can wear them for 20 weeks.
  • Smocked waisted clothing is usually overlooked when it comes to maternity clothes. But they put a little pressure on your belly. Moreover, smoked waisted skirts look super cute as well.
  • You can wear oversized and flowy dresses to give some room to your belly during pregnancy. You can wear them for the majority of your trimesters.
  • During pregnancy, it is important to balance the body. So, it is recommended to wear flat shoes to avoid trips and falls. 
  • What about a long tunic with leggings? You will surely love wearing these non-maternity clothes on repeat for lounging days.
  • Layering tank tops are great for all seasons. It also gives coverage to your belly.

Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the second trimester

Always keep in mind that many clothing ideas from the first trimester can also be used for the second trimester. Many women start showing their baby bump around 20 weeks of the first pregnancy. When your belly starts growing, you need to wear clothes that not only make you feel comfortable but they should also help in covering your baby bump.

Ideas for Non-maternity clothes for the third trimester

  • At this stage of pregnancy, you need to give a little attention when dressing during pregnancy. Make sure to get a pair of slip-on shoes as you can barely see your feet and are not able to bend to tie straps or laces.
  • You need to wear very oversized dresses. Always keep in mind that the bigger is always the better and more comfortable.
  • Wear mid-length dresses as they help in covering your belly without any need for an extra item.
  • If you are wearing a dress with spaghetti straps, you can choose to wear a t-shirt or a long-sleeve button-down shirt. Here, knotting them right above your baby bump gives you more coverage in an elegant way.
  • If you are finding it hard to get tops to accommodate your big bump, you can opt for wearing your short dresses with leggings or jeans as tunics.


How to wear normal clothes while pregnant?

If you don’t want to spend money on buying maternity clothes, you can wear normal clothes with some tricks during pregnancy. You have lots of ideas for what you have in your closet. Some of the popular hacks to wear normal clothes while pregnant are:
Use an old t-shirt to make your own pregnancy belly band.
Use a rubber band to make a maternity pants extender.
You can transform your dresses into maternity tunics by adding maternity leggings.
Invest in bra extensions to make your regular bra last longer.

Can you go through pregnancy without maternity clothes?

Yes, you can go through pregnancy without maternity clothes. As long as you feel comfortable and they are not fitted, you can wear normal clothes for as long a time as you want. Just have a couple of items in your closet, such as a wrap dress, elastic leggings, elastic pants, and a couple of loose and long tops.

What month do you start wearing maternity clothes?

Around 14 weeks of pregnancy, you may feel that your belly is growing. But, some women do not show a belly bump until around 16 weeks. But, when you reach 20 weeks of pregnancy, you can start wearing maternity clothes. Still, you have a number of hacks to avoid wearing maternity clothes and continue with your normal clothes, especially loose-fitting clothes.

Is wearing tight clothes bad for pregnancy?

Yes, tight clothes make you feel uncomfortable and even painful as well if you wear leggings or shorts with a tight waistband. Wearing tight clothes also leads to lack of circulation, digestion discomfort, and may even cause yeast and/or bacterial infections. The most important thing to consider for how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes is that you should be comfortable in your outfit.