At first, you may think of applying eye cream as a simple process. Do you think of it as two simple steps? – dab and massage, and you are done with your cream. Right? But, it does not work that easily.

The process of applying eye cream is not that straightforward. It completely depends on the type of cream you choose for your eyes.

Whether you are choosing an eye cream to reduce puffiness or to brighten the area around your eyes, the process involves different points of your routine to enjoy the actual benefits of your choice.

The area around the eyes consists of the most delicate skin on your face. It conveys how you have spent your day or how your health is, like signs of aging, dryness, stress, or the effects of your poor sleep. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cream with the right ingredients as well as application techniques.

Fortunately, you have this guide to learn how to apply eye cream correctly like a professional.

How To Apply Eye Cream Like A Pro

  • Choose The Right Eye Cream
  • Steps of Applying Eye Cream Like a Pro
  • Additional Tips For Eye Cream

Choose the Right Eye Cream

As you put attention to choosing the right moisturizer for your skin concerns, you should also focus the same way on choosing the right eye cream. When it is about how to apply eye cream properly, you must have the perfect cream based on your purpose of using it.

Some women have dry skin around their eyes even if they have oily skin, while some women have a few crow’s feet despite having a combination of skin types. You must know about the type of eye cream available in the market and those that best suit your specific needs.

Are you confused about where to start? Let’s discuss some of the common issues before learning the steps about how to apply eye cream correctly.


Improper sleep, a little too much wine, and allergy season can result in turning your healthy complexion into a puffy danger zone. When you search for an eye cream to eliminate puffiness around your eyes, looking for the one with green tea, vitamin E, and K can help in reducing the appearance of swelling.

How To Apply Eye Cream

You can also look for a product containing caffeine as it helps in boosting blood circulation and improves your tired eyes.

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The common signs of aging are fine lines and crow’s feet. But, if you want to slow down this process, you have numerous options. You can opt for eye creams containing skin-loving vitamins and peptides. As we grow older, the level of collagen starts breaking down, but the peptides effectively slow down the lowering of collagen and also help in rebuilding the natural supply.

Dry Skin

The area around the eyes does not contain oil glands, so it is important to keep this area well moisturized. Some women with oily skin types are afraid of using richly textured products, as a result of which, the eye area suffers from dehydration. Due to this, you are advised to use an eye cream containing shea butter or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients help in retaining moisture and also act as a protective barrier.

How To Apply Eye Cream

If you have acne-prone skin and are worried about breakouts, you can use an eye cream that does not contain comedogenic ingredients, such as mineral oil and petroleum.

Dark Circles

No one wants dark circles, but sometimes eye cream alone is not enough to solve this problem. Instead, eye cream helps in minimizing the appearance of dark circles. Most dark circles are the result of genetics and are unable to fix with eye cream.

Here, the best advice is to maintain moisture and consistency. If you apply your eye cream daily, you will be able to keep the area under your eyes hydrated. It is also a great way to prep your eyes for concealer.

Steps of Applying Eye Cream Like a Pro

Once you have got the right eye cream, now it’s time to know how to apply eye cream correctly. You require following these steps to get your eye cream applied like a pro.

Prep Your Skin

You must treat your eye cream just like the moisturizing product. So, it is important to prepare your skin before applying. If you have a solid cleanse and tone, it will help in setting up an area for maximum absorption. You must follow this step using a moisturizer. Applying a moisturizer before using an eye cream is perfectly acceptable. If it’s forgotten, fret not as long as the moisturizer is applied at least two times a day.

Use pea-size amount

All eye creams are highly concentrated, so a pea-sized amount is enough to apply to both eyes. It is so because too much can lead to irritation in this area. If you notice small white bumps, i.e. milia, around your eye area, it may indicate that you are using too much eye cream or the cream is too heavy for your sensitive skin.

How To Apply Eye Cream

Choose your product carefully. You must use your ring finger for this highly delicate area. Make sure you do not put too much pressure on the skin.

Gently tap the area

The area around the eyes must be treated very gently as this area is more thin and delicate. Too much pressure on this area can exacerbate fine lines and irritation. Gently tap on eye cream and start dabbing in a semicircle along the area under your eyes. Gently tap with your ring finger to blend the cream in.

The best way to know how to apply eye cream like a professional is to gently massage the cream underneath your eye to your brow bone. You have to continue in this pattern until the cream is fully absorbed. Make sure that your skin must not be pulled or stretched while doing this.

Keep in mind that you must not apply the product too close to the eye as it can irritate your eye. Also, make sure not to apply it on or near your eyelids.

Wait for a few seconds before applying concealer

Once you are done with your eye cream, you have to wait for at least 90 seconds before applying concealer or any other products. This time allows your cream to absorb into your skin fully.

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Additional Tips For Eye Cream

Though you have gone through some basics about how to apply eye cream correctly, here are some ways that enable you to know some additional points to get things much better.

These tips will help you feel like pampering yours under your eyes. Please have a look at them.

Store it in the fridge

Do you know that a chilly temperature can also lead to tightening the blood vessels in your skin? This fact can help in giving you a cooling sensation when you apply cream under your eyes.


For this, just keep your product in the fright for a few minutes and then apply it. It is also a great way to give an extra nudge to puffiness and dark circles.

Pinch the brows

To end applying your eye cream treatment, have small pinches on the brow bone. This step helps in stimulating blood circulation and also provides lift. Pinching the brows has great importance in Ayurvedic medicine, where specific points are targeted to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Like before, again, it is advised to be gentle in the area. You just require pinching this area with medium pressure, not death gripping the brows.

Using a massage tool

Give a gentle massage on the eyes using a massage tool if required. However, be careful as this area is quite fragile. Perform a tiny circle action in an outward motion towards the brow bone to also get rid of the puffiness of the eyes.

How To Apply Eye Cream

If you have a tool in your hand, eye cream treatment will surely be great fun for you.

Try a gel formula

Though many women love to enjoy a massage using a rich cream, you are recommended to use a gel consistency as well. Also, eye creams with gel formula are not tending to seep into your eyes. It means you can enjoy massaging your eyes without worrying about irritation.

90-second rule

If you are going to apply a concealer after using your eye cream, just give a minimum of 90 seconds to absorb the product fully into the skin before using your concealer.

Use it morning and night

Who does not want quick and better results? Obviously, you too want the same. For this, you are required to use your eye cream in the morning and at night before going to bed. No doubt, some women prefer to use eye cream in the morning before using their concealer, while some prefer to use it at night.

No matter when you are going to use your eye cream, make sure to apply it after cleansing and toning and before applying your moisturizer or night cream (if using it at night).

Final Words

Want to make your eye massage fun? Follow these steps and guidelines and learn how to apply eye cream correctly.

No doubt, eye creams are used to cover a small area, but the product containing effective formulas can work like a charm. Just make sure that you are using it accurately.