Whether we talk about our face shapes, height, figure, or weight, we all are different. The women are blessed with beauty in one or another way. So, always be confident with your look and style and always keep in mind that you are not less than the women you see on your TV or in magazines.

Many women think that round faces are not easy to style. They find it a little hard to hide those cheeks and usually end up confused with what to do with their hair in this regard.

It is true that the right hairstyle has the power to strengthen your feeling of a beautiful woman as well as boost your self-confidence too. Even if you are the one who always loves your curves and carry yourself confidently, now you have the opportunity to re-discover your beauty and look more stylish with a flattering hairstyle.

It not only helps in covering some facial imperfections but is a great idea to change an impression of your overall look.

Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Here, we have gathered some hairstyles for women with round faces that can help a lot in flattering their faces. Simply, keep on reading and you will surely convince yourself to try these hairstyles.

  • Shaggy Short Cut With Bangs
  • Longer Shaggy Pixie Cut
  • Long Balayage Layers & Side Part
  • Top Knot
  • Neat Side-Swept Pixie
  • Medium Asian Shag
  • Long Choppy Pixie
  • Short-to-Medium Curly Cut
  • Voluminous Waves
  • Sleek Straight Long Hair

Shaggy Short Cut with Bangs

If you are looking for some hairstyles for women with round faces that can be styled within minutes, you can go for a short razor cut with bangs. You can also choose for edgy highlights that work amazing in making this look all yours.

hairstyles for women with round faces

You have a number of choices for bangs like you can go with a blunt cut or can also choose a more textured approach. If you love curl bangs, then it would be good to have that extra length when cutting your hair.

Longer Shaggy Pixie Cut

Do you like a shorter cut? Then this longer shaggy pixie cut would be perfect for your round face. The longer hair at the front of your face helps in making a good balance of your short hair with a round face. You can also choose to pair your hair to the side. This makes the right cut.

You also have the option to have parts in the front and having the length that goes to the chin. It is a great idea to frame your face.

Long Balayage Layers & Side Part

Are you looking for gorgeous hairstyles for women with round faces? Nothing can be compared with long layers with a Balayage colored side part. This hairstyle is a great way to add more depth and dimension to your face.

hairstyles for women with round faces

If you are one who does not like to depend on your hairstylist for touch-ups every few weeks, you can go with this hairstyle without any second thought. No doubt, balayage can be costly for some women, but it gives long-lasting results and overall can be less expensive.

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Top Knot

For those, who always love to have an easy hairstyle that can be done within just a few seconds, then the top knot on the head is a hot option for them. With the help of bun making styling accessory, you can make this hairstyle easier than putting your hair in and rolling them up to make a bun.

For women who do a regular workout or have busy daily life, this hairstyle can be a boon for them. Moreover, you can also use hair accessories for that special look.

Neat Side-Swept Pixie

The face with chubby cheeks can look slimmer if you go for a pixie haircut with diagonal bangs. This hairstyle has an invisible part line and sideburns that come on your face. It helps in making an illusion of a narrow face.

You can also choose a dark brown shade to add more style and a conservative look.

Medium Asian Shag

Get rid of that traditional lob and get some medium-length shag with a lot of layers. Also, adding long bangs is something that completes this hairstyle. Just let your hair fall below your shoulders, you know what? This works great in elongating your round face.

With this, your face starts looking slimmer and balanced. If you have thin hair, you can choose this as one of the stylish hairstyles for women with round faces and go for parting in the middle, or going with slightly off-center also works great.

Curly Updo for Medium Hair

No matter what face shape you have, this hairstyle is such that it can go perfectly with all face types and hair textures. It is a low messy bun that looks great with any outfit, especially when you want some stylish and easy wedding hairstyle.

The thin curled hair helps in lengthening your face, while the highlights are something that looks super fabulous and works great in looking super dimensional.

Long Choppy Pixie

If you think that pixie cut does not work well in making your face look slimmer, you are wrong. When you have a pixie cut, you have lots of options to style your hair, like combing your hair to the side or you can style them as a pompadour.

For round face women, it would be great if they go with a lot of height on top. In addition to this, choosing some extra sideburns is a good idea to make your face look longer.

Short-to-Medium Curly Cut

Do you have curly, thick hair and want some ideas of hairstyles for women with round faces? Let them style naturally. So, you can go for shaping the ringlets into a cute style while getting a slimming effect on your round face.

hairstyles for women with round faces

If you choose to have some additional height on top as it is a great way to distract the fullness of your jawline.

Voluminous Waves

It is a hairstyle that can make you look hot and classy and can transform your overall look. For a woman with a round face, this wavy style is something that can add volume to your hair and help in hiding most of your cheeks.

If you part your hair at the center, then the waves fall flawlessly on your cheekbones. With this, you can rework on your round face and make it look longer.

Sleek Straight Long Hair

This is a great hairstyle to make your round face look long and sleek. It works amazingly in framing your face and does not add volume to your hair. Also, wearing long, sleek, and straight hair is a perfect hairstyle option to lengthen your face. It makes an illusion of length and definition to your face.

hairstyles for women with round faces

Moreover, you can choose to have this hairstyle for finely textured hair.

Tips for Hairstyling For Your Round Face

  • No matter what style you choose, but always focus on adding length to your face. So, choose the hairstyle accordingly. For this, doing high updos and bumpits is something that helps greatly in adding length at the top of your head.
  • Always keep in mind that long layered hair gives you a great way to draw attention downwards and help your round face look longer.
  • Want to get curly hair? Always prefer to have loose curls, because if you choose tight curls, instead of giving a longer look to your face, they add width to it.
  • For women with a round face, it is advised that never go for a ponytail look. When you do a ponytail, all your hair goes back and more attention will be given to your face, hence, it will look more round.
  • If you go for a hairstyle with straight cut bangs, your face will start looking too small. On the other side, if you choose edgy side-swept bangs, it will add angles to your face and help it look slimmer.

Final Words

If you are ready to have a longer face and looking for hairstyles for women with round faces, then you must go through the given styles and try the one that you like the most.

When you have a number of hairstyle options in front of you, simply check whether you like short or long hair, and choose the one which you think perfectly fits your liking and style.