T[/drocap]he spring season calls for some fun and freshness. This spring you can try something different with your hair than the regular haircuts and hairstyles. Why not try a different shade of color? Or perhaps, are you looking for some interesting vibrant colors to transform your hair into? We got you covered up on this one as well!

A change in hair color feels revitalizing and can speak for our personality as well. The best part about getting your hair colored is that you do not need to worry about styling it all the time. You can simply pull off a classic ponytail or braid with some tweaks to the highlights.

Although hair coloring and bleaching look good when you get them done, they require utmost care and maintenance to keep them from washing off. But this should not stop you from letting yourself loose and explore the beautiful hair color trends in 2022.

  • Colors On Trend In Spring 2022
    • Pastel Tips
    • Expensive Blonde
    • Auburn Brown
    • Icy Blonde
    • Expensive Brunette
    • Honey Blonde 
    • Chocolate Brown
  • Hair Color Ideas
    • Glazed Bronze Balayage
    • Long Waves With Caramel Balayage
    • Dark To Purple Ombre
    • Pastel Lowlights
    • Sun Kissed Money Piece Highlights
    • Vibrant Peekaboo Highlights
    • Textured Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

All The Colors On Trend In Spring 2022 

Pastels Tips

Pastels are the ideal colors for the sunny spring season. Pastel shades have a very subtle effect on hair shade and do not stand out much but they do enhance the overall look. A  trend that is currently going on is to have your hair tips dyed in pastel colors.

This look particularly goes well together with blonde, gray or platinum hair colors since it complements both pastels and the hair color prominent. You can try blending the pastel shades with lighter shades of brown or black as well if you do not want to go blonde.

Hair Color Trends - pastel tips

Expensive Blonde

Blonde shades are quite popular this year. The name goes by as Expensive Blonde because it takes a lot of effort and cost to maintain the color. Blonde has always been a famous color for hair but now many shades of blonde have been emerging.

Shades of blonde such as golden, apricot, honey, strawberry, etc are a few of the preferred ones. You can get your hair bleached blonde and try other contrasting colors for the highlights or tips over it.

Hair Color Trends- Expensive Blonde

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Auburn Brown

Auburn brown is a shade of autumn but in spring it gives a more outgoing look without seeming too bright or stealing the limelight. If you have brown or black color for your natural hair, you can choose this shade to get a more natural blend. 

Auburn brown can be the hair color you can go for your entire hair or get highlights or lowlights of the color. You can also get an ombre hue with orange and chocolate brown as the other tones.

Hair Color Trends - Auburn Brown

Icy Blonde

If you are up for a bleach, icy blonde is a must-try color for spring. This cool color grabs all the attention it can in the warm spring season. The ice blonde can be mixed with golden blonde or beige or gray to get a more dramatic look.

If icy blonde alone seems boring you can go for pastel tips or lowlights. Icy blonde can be an option for money piece highlights as well with a contrasting color such as black or dark brown.

Hair Color Trends - Icey Blonde

Expensive Brunette 

Brunette is one of the best 2022 hair color trends female that almost anyone can go for. Whether the natural hair color is blonde or black, the brunette is the color that goes well with both of them.

You can get brunette highlights, lowlights or balayage upon your natural hair color. The other colors that complement brunette hair are honey, caramel, chestnut or even dark brown. You can try a mix of two or three shades whichever you like.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde is a really popular shade of blonde other than the caramel blonde. This is because it goes well with black, brown as well as any other shades of these colors. Honey blonde gives a bit lighter tone to the hair while not seeming too overpowering.

You can go for honey brown if you have natural brown, black or blonde hair and do not want a too bold look. Honey blonde goes quite well with most of the shades and can be used for curlights, highlights and tips to get more dimensions in any length of hair.

Honey Blonde

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a dark chocolate shade that gives a more natural look to the hair. Chocolate brown is widely preferred mainly because the color looks natural with any other color for highlight or lowlight.

You can use chocolate brown for highlights with any shade from gray or blonde to brown or black. It suits any shade perfectly fine even for balayage, lowlights or curlights. Another advantage of the color is it is low maintenance than most other shades and does not look abnormal even when it starts washing off.

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Glazed Bronze Balayage

Balayage always looks very natural since it is a free-hand coloring technique. But glazed colors on balayage look completely stunning especially when the shades are blonde or brown. You can go for darker to lighter shades of brown like beige, honey, caramel, chocolate brown or any other tone that suit your natural hair for balayage and have it glazed for a shiny effect.

Long Waves With Caramel Balayage

Long hair and tumbling curls look the best with caramel highlights. You can add a variety of gorgeous V-cut layers that will add movement to the locks. Layers are one of the most ideal haircuts for long hair since they retain movement and volume while adding glamor to them. This also puts an emphasis on the warm undertones that are running through it making it look more sophisticated and stylish.

Dark To Purple Ombre

An ombre effect is very popular among people for hair coloring. The way the darker shades merge into the lighter tones or vice versa, the effect looks magnificent when seen from afar. For a color choice, you might want to go for vibrant colors like purple or pink this spring to get a more lively look overall.

Dark To Purple Ombre

Pastel Lowlights

If you do not want to grab too much attention but want something that is interesting as well, this is what you can try. Pastel shades go pretty well with blonde, gray and black and can complement a few lighter shades of brown as well. The pastels lowlights look marvelous with these tones while not being the center of attention.

Sun Kissed Money Piece Highlights

Money piece highlights are the latest hair color trends 2022 since many celebrities have been spotted with these highlights. The face framing tendrils give a more prominent shape to the face features while the highlights grab the attention. Blonde or shades of blonde, platinum or contrasting shades are widely popular nowadays for money piece highlights along with layers.

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Vibrant Peekaboo Highlights

Highlights that are hidden in the inner hair are what we can call peekaboo highlights. If you have short or medium length hair, this can be a very unique look to go for. Vibrant shades such as orange, red, purple, blue, yellow, etc that contrast well with other neutral colors like black, brown, gray, blonde, etc are the best options for hidden colors and main colors respectively.

Vibrant Peekaboo Highlights

Textured Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

A bob cut looks cute on most face shapes and does not need much to grab attention. Textured bob cut can be enhanced by using a mixture of dark brown, light brown and golden blonde shades. You can keep a lighter shade at the tips of the hair to get a more contrasting but cool look.

Final Words

The summer 2022 hair color trends are all pretty colors and neutral shades to try. You can also go for other unique colors such as lavender, blue, orange, etc if you can pull them off. You can also try mixing the hues however you like for an ombre effect.

Hair coloring is all about exploring and experimenting new colors that might suit you. Again, you can enjoy the changing colors but try not to damage your hair too much. Maintaining the hair color and healthy hair is important while you decide to have some fun with your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hair color for 2022?

Nowadays, the colors that are widely preferred are low-maintenance or less attention grabbing colors. Neutral tones such as white, black, brown and their hues like brunette, chocolate brown, icy white, midnight black, etc are what most people choose. However, hair colors such as platinum, blonde, pastels, etc are also famous for highlights or lowlights hair coloring.

What blonde is in Style 2022?

Expensive Blonde is one of the most popular hair color trends for spring 2022. The creamy blondes in base or for highlights are mostly the one trending this year. The name goes so because maintaining the blonde color requires sheer dedication and proper maintenance. Hence, if you are up for the challenge, this is the color for you.

Is balayage out of style 2022?

Balayage is not so into the trend this year. Solid and neutral colors such as brunette, chocolate brown, caramel, honey, glossy black are more preferred recently. While balayage is not seen as much as before, you can still style your hair with it using a similar trend of hair color. The styles replacing balayage are similar trends called balayage and babylights. 

What’s the difference between highlights and balayage?

Balayage and highlights differ in the technique of application for the most part. But that is not the only difference. Balayage is applied through a hand-painted method to get a very subtle sun kissed effect. 
Highlighting on the other hand used foils to color specific sections in the hair and is more prominent than balayage. Balayage seems easier to maintain and costs less than highlighting but both require proper care and maintenance.

Are chunky highlights 2022?

Chunky highlights are definitely on a rise in 2022 since they give a lot of dimensions to the face. The highlights are created by coloring certain ribbons of colors. The part that hypes the look is the money piece face-framing highlights that perimeters the face. This look is, however, getting very popular and many people are seen following this trend nowadays.