Having a body fat percentage does not mean you can’t look good. Several fatty people look attractive with their choice of style, and especially with hair cut for fat faces that make them look more attractive. The wide collection of hairstyles for fat faces can quickly make you look thinner than those who have healthy bodies but don’t know which hairstyle suits them.

You should pay attention to a few of the needs before choosing the best hair for a fat face. Whether it’s the pose or the shape of your face, the hairstyle you choose will undoubtedly gratify you. If you already know what requirements you have, here are some fat guy hairstyles and haircuts that are appropriate for a body overweight male like you. 

Do you struggle to find the perfect hairstyle? Do you want to have a bossy appearance? You may be one of those chubby dudes. We understand how difficult it is to be overweight and find an appealing hairdo. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This guide will bring you an idea of some of the best hairstyles for fat round faces, slimming haircuts for overweight faces, and fat guy hairstyles that will make you feel confident in any situation. Take a look at this collection of the greatest and the best hair for fat faces, and be able to find the perfect haircut for you by the end of this article.

Trending Hairstyles For Fat Guys

  • Best Hair For Fat Face
  • Fat Guy With Short Haircuts
  • Side Swept
  • Wavy Pomp
  • Long on the top, Short on the Side
  • Pompadour Look
  • Long Haircuts For Fat Guys
  • Long Comb Over With Fade
  • Messy Asymmetrical Hair
  • Shoulder Length Hair
  • Medium Length Messy Hairstyle
  • Hairstyles For Big Guys With Beards
  • Faux Hawk with Fade
  • Spiky Hair with Taper Fade
  • Slicked Back Hair With Beard
  • Bald with Beard
  • Crew Cut with Beard

Best Hair For Fat Face 

Furthermore, hairstyles for fat faces are designed specifically to cover facial fat. Try on the hairstyles in a fashionable, sensual bob with long peek-a-boo bangs to complete the look. The angled cut is ideal for thick, straight hair once again.

This post divides hairstyles for fat faces into three categories: short hairstyles for fat faces, long hairstyles for fat faces, and the ideal and the best hairstyle for a fat round face with a beard.

Fat Guy With Short Haircuts

Do you have a double chin and a chubby face? If this is the case, finding short hairstyles for guys that complement your characteristics can be challenging. The good news is that these male short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins will help slim your face while still appearing fantastic. Here are some suggestions for selecting the best haircut for you!

Side Swept

Hairstyles for fat men that are celebrity-approved include side swept up. A side-swept hairdo gives the impression of a big face to males with rounded faces or chubby cheeks. The more volume you have in your hair, the better this hairstyle will look. 

Choose a left or right angle, as well as the degree to which the moves should be made to provide the impression of a thin face. To assist you in deciding which mustache style will match best with your big guy haircuts.

Side Swept hairstyles for fat faces

Wavy Pomp

Pompadour is a classic style that never goes out of style. Pompadours are ideal for males who want to add volume and height to their hairstyle yet have straight, thick hair. This look can be worn in a variety of ways to conceal your double chin beneath your beard.

Wavy Pomp -hairstyles for fat faces

Long on the top, Short on the Side

These overweight people’s hairstyles, whether short on the side or cut sidewards, are very popular right now. Don’t be concerned about your jawline being highlighted by the cut side. However, the sideways trimming and amount at the top will give your face dimension. 

The idea is to use something to balance off the chubby hair. It’s critical that your beard and hairstyle complement one another.

Long on top - hairstyles for fat faces

Pompadour Look

If you’re blessed with a fat guy with long hair and lots of it, don’t worry about your fat face. Allow your hair to grow for a month before styling it in a pompadour style. 

Brush your hair from top to bottom, focusing on the head for volume. To keep the hairstyle constant, use hairspray. This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions or special days.

Pompadour Look - Hairstyles for fat faces

Long Haircuts For Fat Guys

Finding the proper haircuts for fat faces that aren’t overly feminine or immature might be difficult. These long haircuts for big guys are designed to match your face shape and hair texture. 

When creating a new style, particularly for you, a professional stylist will consider your needs and what you desire from your haircut.

Long Comb Over With Fade

The primary goal of styling is to improve appearance. Men with a round or full face, on the other hand, feel obliged to feature their faces rather than enhance their beauty. The long comb over with a fade is the hairstyle that has extra length on top and is shaved on the sides, keeping the idea in mind.

Furthermore, this hairstyle is appropriate for a variety of professional circumstances. The fade, also known as short in the back and sides, is a classic style that may easily be transformed with a daring touch, such as the long comb-over.

Long Comb Over With Fade

Messy Asymmetrical Hair

Other hairstyles for fat men are asymmetrical and messy. Get an imbalanced haircut with unequal size and also a messed up direction for men with a round face. The focus will be drawn away from the satiation of the face with these fat guys’ hairstyles. 

The volume on top will also be affected by the unequal length. Do you notice anyone in renowned wet gel ads who are nailing this look?

Messy Asymmetrical Hair

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Shoulder Length Hair

Guys with long hair have an edge when it comes to fat guy haircuts. Long shoulder-length hair can be worn open to hide extra chubbiness around the cheeks as well as a heavy jawline. This hairstyle is not for everyone, which is why it is critical to consider your body type before growing your hair out. 

It might be the sexiest style ever for some nice haircuts for fat guys, and it might be an addition of bulk for others. Make a bun out of your long hair to seem exceptionally gorgeous this summer.

Medium Length Messy Hairstyle

Try the medium-length messy hairdo from the list of hairstyles for fat guys to encourage a relaxed and informal look. You can go for a messy swept-back look or let it flow freely, depending on your mood. 

To get a good grip on this, use a medium-hold gel or pomade and run it through your hair. This would allow the locks to open at their own rate.

Medium Length Messy Hairstyle

Hairstyles For Big Guys With Beards

The beard is back, and it’s not going anywhere. A beard, combined with hair to enhance the image, might be the ideal companion for fat faces. There are many various beard styles to select from, but these beard hairstyles for big guys will definitely catch your eye.

Faux Hawk with Fade

A fade cut goes great with a faux hawk style. A faux hawk cut, as well as buzzing or shaving the sides of your head, are included in the list of haircuts for big guys.

You might also request a taper fade on the sides with longer hair strands on top from your stylist. It’s entirely up to you whether you want a low or high fade on your fohawk. Furthermore, the same concept applies when deciding on the length of top hair and how short to trim it.

Faux Hawk with Fade

Spiky Hair with Taper Fade

Boys with spiked hair are the most common example of an urban-chic appearance for men. Even though the spiky hair looks like a faded variation, the tapered haircut on the sides looks traditional and classy.

Spiky Hair with Taper Fade

Because it mixes the hair very short and avoids showing the skin, the spiky taper fade makes a face appear less thick. Request a classic tapered cut with longer sides or a low, mid, or high taper fade from your stylist to provide some variety. You have the option, as well as the pleasure.

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Slicked Back Hair With Beard

Slicked-back hair with a beard is a good option for men in their 50s who want to cover their face’s bulkiness. This style appears to be ideal for older gentry due to its sophistication and elegant appearance. 

This look is very fashionable, as a slick back style can give you a youthful image. However, to maintain your look trendy and up to date, incorporate some texture. Make sure your hair is well combed back, textured, and sprayed.

Slicked Back Hair With Beard

Bald with Beard

When considering the number of haircuts fat faces, the bald with a beard style has recently earned a lot of attention. This hairstyle is appropriate for guys of all ages and hair lengths. Try a full beard, goatee, mustache, or stubble with a bald head to provide variety and feel young at heart.

Instead of focusing on their growth, researchers from all around the world have concluded that bald guys with beards are far more beautiful than males with normal hair. They can now work on their beard patches.

Bald with Beard

Crew Cut with Beard

While we examine the styling factor of the crew cut, it makes a face sharper and terminates in itself. The crew cut is a simple and tapering hairstyle in which the highest section of the hair is trimmed short and arranged on the head, with the rest of the hair being even shorter. 

The crew cut looks great on any face shape and pairs well with a beard. If you want to find a balance between utility and appearance, this style is a terrific alternative and works well for everyday activities. When are you going to give it another shot?

Crew Cut with Beard- Hairstyle for fat face

There are many haircuts available for men with “fat” faces, so don’t let your head shape or anything else stand in the way of achieving a stylish look. It is not a problem to have a big face, a chubby face cut, or a double chin. 

It becomes a problem when it takes over your self-confidence and social life. This list of the best hairstyles for fat round faces and big guy haircuts helped you find the perfect style and regained your confidence.

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Final Words

With that, the collection of haircuts for fat guys comes to a close. So, men, if you’ve been debating how to hide the fat on your face, we’ve got the answers. Try one, or all, depending on your preferences, and feel good about it.

A new hairdo can give you a completely new look while also increasing your self-confidence. While looking for your better self among the throng, begin with a haircut that complements the texture of your hair, as well as hair sprays, gel, and a comb. 


Can fat guys have long hair?

Because not everyone can look like a modern-day Tarzan, having long hair as an out-of-shape or balding male is a totally acceptable personal choice. There are no issues.

Does short hair look good on round-face men?

Short haircuts for round features are numerous, therefore it’s terrible that guys with this face shape have difficulty obtaining a nice cut. The best thing about a round face is that there are no sharp lines or angles.

Should fat guys get buzz cuts?

For fatter or rounder faces, the buzz cut can work, but a moderate fade is usually a better option. Working a fade into your buzz cut will help to balance out the roundness of a bigger face.