A while ago, we started to list out our favorite celebrity fashion icons, and after a few articles, we will be breaking down the fashion of Gigi Hadid in-depth and will help you to get her to look. We will help you get the look effortlessly without breaking your bank. 

The international supermodel has an air of unflinching confidence that is showcased in her demeanor and outfits. Gigi Hadid’s outfits are revolutionary in many ways and her iconic, subtle, and bold looks create an attractive aura of style that revolves around the supermodel. 

There isn’t much that Gigi hasn’t worn! And hence, there isn’t one specific style or category that Hadid fits in. She has trendy yet slightly tomboyish vibes when it comes to her outfits and fashion. 

The Best Gigi Hadid Outfits You Can Try!

  • The arousing orange
  • Turtlenecks of Gigi
  • Tie and dyes look
  • The comfy look
  • The undefined look
  • The lesser look
  • Say yes to knits
  • Sporty and scorching
  • The plaid look
  • The casual rebel look
  • The wide-leg pants look
  • The cheek geek look
  • The sleeveless top look
  • The pink sweater look

The Best Gigi Hadid Outfits You Can Try! 

Gigi might be a supermodel but it is off the runways where she shines the brightest when it comes to fashion. Since rising to fame, Hadid was able to grab the headlines and earned rave reviews due to her always-chic, always-surprising street style. 

The best thing about Hadid is that she knows how to dress her curves – from using midriff-baring to curve-hugging dresses, she has perfected and slayed them all! Many of the Gigi Hadid outfits even make the simplest of clothes into looking totally sexy! 

She has a hot bod and long, lean legs but aside from that, her grasp on fashion is unquestionable. She knows how to present herself and how to construct a polished outfit from top to bottom, one that is both sophisticated and effortless. 

Well, if you want to dress like her and want to try various Gigi Hadid outfits then here is a piece of good news for you. We know how she does it. Read on to steal the Gigi Hadid style!

The Arousing Orange 

If you want to go bold and bright then there is no color better than impressive shades of orange! If you think that orange is not for you, just look at Gigi’s picture here once again and you will be able to convince yourself to go for orange outfits. These orange Gigi Hadid outfits will help you spot the beauty from far away. 

Gigi Hadid outfit - Orange

The good ol’ flares or the elegant suits, you will be confused about what to wear! We love both of them and we adore how beautiful Gigi is looking in these outfits. You can play with shades or you can go with natural, basic shades to get the dream look of Gigi in orange. 

Turtlenecks of Gigi 

The sheer wine turtleneck you are seeing here is worth every penny as it has the ability to turn heads with its beauty. In the second photo here, she has a tie and dye western boots that are enhancing her whole look. Go ahead and try one of the fashion queens’ styles. 

Gigi Hadid outfit - Turtlenecks

You can also pair these turtlenecks with a skirt or can wear them with joggers to mix and match your looks. The turtlenecks will provide you with a touch of classiness and a dash of hotness at the same time! 

Tie And Dyes Look 

Another trend that is ruling the fashion world for quite a while now is tie and dye effect clothes. Be it streetwear or party wear, designers are mixing, matching, and experimenting with the trend thoroughly. In the case of Gigi, whether it is tie and dye joggers or pantsuits, she looks super classy and modish in both looks. 


When we talk about Gigi, there’s nothing that she can’t pull off, and here is proof for you! Either you can go for one shade or you can choose to go multicolored tie and dye clothes. The button-up shirt she is wearing above the hoggers are enhancing her already amazing style. The whole style oozes class and is definitely impressive and worth copying. 

The Comfy Look 

The pandemic has brought WFH and that has brought sweatpants into the spotlight. The age of sweatpants is here as they are comfortable and one can wear them on various occasions. This is the reason why you will see Gigi wearing this versatile outfit many times. 

Gigi Hadid outfit- Comfy Outfits

In this look, the American model has rocked a sweatpant and puffer jacket look. Her ever-present sunglasses are actually emphasizing her look and providing definition to her face. To get that look, you just need to replace your jeans or bottoms with a sweatpant and rock that look! 

Another way is to style your basic black sweatpants or can pair your sweatpants with some bright-colored tops! 

The Undefined Look 

Gigi and her then-boyfriend Zyan Malik were featured in the August 2017 issue of Vogue wearing gender-neutralizing outfits. During that period, many fashion houses and designers were blending men’s and women’s collections together in unisex style, a similar pattern of clothes, ornaments, and silhouettes was being combined. 

Undefined Look

This movement is radical and marked a distinct shift in the gender roles of society. This fashion had a huge impact after coming from such influential figures and couples as Gigi and Zyan. This idea of masculine and feminine fluidity in the media and fashion world was a symbol of freedom of expression, and isn’t that what fashion is all about?

The Lesser Look 

If you want to see how a simple crop top can mesmerize an audience, you should see this one of the most attractive Gigi Hadid outfits. The supermodel paired the crop top with a structured oversized blazer and unique trousers. 

Gigi Hadid outfit _ Lesser Look

This ’80s-inspired look is loved by all of her fans and we basically can’t get enough of the dressed-up edgy vibes we get from this attire. While the blazer can be the best thing about this attire, it is the basic body-con tank that balances the relaxed fit of her bottoms and creates a sexy silhouette. 

Say Yes To Knits 

Whether it is sweater vests or classic cardigans, Gigi loves her knits but with a fashionable twist. The American sweetheart loves to layer herself with sweater vests and has been snapped wearing them from Paris to Milan and back again! 

You can also see her donning the classic plaid wool style under a coat and has also rocked them like a shirt. Traditionally, cardigans may be for layering but Gigi loves to wear them as a one-and-only option in the spring season! 

Sporty And Scorching 

In this chic look, Hadid’s natural beauty shines through. Wearing a matching set will make it look like gym clothes, but Gigi makes this rather routine style into something eye-pleasing and fabulous with her dark shades and gray lipstick, which perfectly matches her nails. 

Sporty Gigi Hadid outfit

Gigi pulled off this well, but now, you can also pull it off as well. All you need to do is to find similarly colored sweatpants and leggings and throw on your pearly athletic trainers, finish off the look with gray or dark lipstick to match the infamous cat-eye specs. 

The Plaid Look 

If you want something for a holiday outing, look at this Gigi Hadid menswear-inspired outfit. This season, plaid has rocked the fashion world because it is so easy to pull off this look. As we can see, the vintage print of her jacket over a basic black mock neck creates an amazing look without being too busy. 

Gigi Hadid outfit - plaid look

Gigi paired it with gray acid wash jeans that can stand out in the best way against the preppy overcoat she is flaunting. She accessorized herself with the typical retro chunky sunglasses and an oversized tote that makes the outfit just right, making this outfit enter into the must-replicate list!

The Casual Rebel Look 

If you want to go bold, just see this look of Gigi! She rocks a pair of red shades, a classic hue of hers, with utmost confidence. She also plays with a burst of colors from head-to-toe, all-black outfits with the exception of a red cardigan tied around her shoulders. 

Casual outfit

This is one of the most rebellious Gigi Hadid outfits as here the simplicity of the black t-shirt and simple bottoms is challenged by the pop of red and sassy sunglasses! 

If you want to get this look, purchase a cropped black tee or tank, wear some high-waisted and also cropped or rolled dark jeans, and pure black trainer shoes. However, the most important thing you will need to complete this look is colored sunglasses and a matching sweater or cardigan. 

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The Wide-Leg Pants Look 

With spring already approaching, it is time for you to refresh your wardrobe with some spring fashion essentials. For that, you can always go for Gigi Hadid’s oversized vest, cropped tank, and beige wide-leg pants. 

Wide Legged

If you are unsure about trying new hues and wild patterns, you should take notes from the American supermodel. She paired the outfit with black boots, tassel bracelets, and shield sunglasses, which all are practically trendy accessories! 

The Cheek Geek Look 

In this beautiful outfit, Gigi Hadid added a twist to smartly styled sets. Starting from the bottom, her pointed nude boots were combined seamlessly with her amazingly classy business pants and thick belt. 

In this attire, Hadid makes a fashion statement with a full-length coat, styled with a simple twisted tee underneath. To complete and complement the look, she wears a large pair of glasses. 

You can get this look pretty easily. Get style pointy-toe heeled boots and pair them with neutral pants and a clean-looking belt. Then, for top wear, get a cropped top and cover it up with a long and furry jacket. Finally, don the statement glasses that will provide you with the perfect geek and chic. 

The Sleeveless Top Look 

When you want to go a little bold then Gigi’s jeans and tank top will always present you with a good option. However, you will need to top up your accessories game! Her blue sequin Chanel bag was very exciting and beautiful. 

Sleeveless top

And you know that it’s unique because finding a solid look-alike for less cash is a tough task for this bag. Her own fashion line paired with Vogue Eyewear created these beautiful sunglasses she is wearing here. 

The Pink Sweater Look 

Gigi was looking amazingly pretty in her pink outfit as she left her house during the New York Fashion Week in a girly-glam mixup. She mixed a hot pink turtleneck sweater, beautified jeans, and the trendiest, sparkling Christian Louboutin mules.

Pink Sweater

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Final Words 

With these outfits, you can easily fill your wardrobe and make it a special Gigi Hadid closet. These Gigi Hadid outfits are absolutely adorable and you can actually try them easily. Try them and dress just like Gigi and take your fashion game a notch higher.