The first date can make you nervous and excited at once. More importantly, it makes you more concerned about the outfit you can wear on your first date. The perfect outfit makes you feel confident and looks gorgeous. When you plan for a look, the first thing that comes to mind is looking your best.

Whether you are thinking of a t-shirt and jeans, a jumpsuit, or a dress, you want to look fabulous in your outfit. Choosing an eye-catching outfit and fun accessories has the power to catch your date’s eye and bring a great impression. What about a cut top and a pant with colorful heels and sculptural earrings?

If the casual is your comfort zone, you can go for this look, but this also depends on your date. The white sneaker is the perfect choice with a feminine dress, while a pair of kitten heels looks amazing with a t-shirt and jeans. Yes, jeans are one of the first-date approved outfits that can be paired with a pretty top or blouse.

When it comes to what to wear on a first date, you have plenty of outfit ideas to choose from. Of course, you are excited to look attractive at this moment. So, all you have to do is to pick the perfect outfit to make your first date a memorable moment of your life.

No matter what your taste is, keep scrolling to find the first date outfits for women that work for coffee, dinner, and beyond.

Amazing First Date Outfits For Women

  • A Pretty Top and Jeans
  • A Matching Top and Skirt
  • A Frill Dress and Sneakers
  • A Midi Dress and Sandals
  • A Jumpsuit and Heels
  • A Vintage Tee and High-Waisted Jeans
  • A Skirt with Camisole
  • A Dressy Blouse and Jeans
  • A Jeans Shorts and Silk Cami
  • A High-Necked Black Top
  • A Skater Dress and Sneakers
  • A Sassy Shirt and Bell Bottom
  • A Satin Maxi Dress
  • A Romper and Gladiators
  • A Pleated Skirt and Top
  • A Shirt Dress and Belt
  • A Sweater Dress
  • A Skirt and a Long Coat

A Pretty Top and Jeans

If you feel that jeans are your most comfortable zone, then the best idea is to wear your favorite jeans with a colored puff-sleeve top or whatever you think looks the best with it. Though this outfit is great for a picnic or a night out in the town, this also gives an effortless confidence in your first date. 

Top First Date Outfit Women

A Matching Top and Skirt

For those who are stressed due to the outfit for the first date, a matching set of a top and skirt is something that takes out this stress. This outfit is on-trend in 2021. Whether you are going for a drink or a dinner, you can style this matching top and skirt with delicate sandals. Pairing with a modern mini bag adds a statement to your style.

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A Frill Dress and Sneakers

A frill dress is something that reads feminine. It gives a sweet look when you pair it with white canvas sneakers. This look is perfect for a daytime date. If you have a polished gold anklet, don’t forget to wear it for a sleek yet unexpected look. This can be one of the easygoing first date outfits for women.

A Midi Dress and Sandals

Midi dress has the power to exude romance easily. Thus, it makes them one of the ideal first date outfits for women. Pairing your midi dress with sneakers gives freshness even in the heat. Get your midsummer look with colorful earrings and flat sandals.

A Jumpsuit and Heels

When thinking of what to wear on a first date, it does not necessarily go for a dress. Wearing a jumpsuit can make things easier when you are dressing up for your first date in a hurry. For the perfect look, try to stick to a timeless neutral palette. It not only makes you look relaxed but gives an elevated appearance for dinner or drinks.

jumpsuit date outfit

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A Vintage Tee and High-Waisted Jeans

What do you think about the vintage tee on the first date? Most women own a cool vintage tee. No worries if you don’t have it. It’s the right time to steal one from your brother’s wardrobe. It would be great to pair it with high-waisted jeans. Don’t forget to tuck your tee well. If you have block heels, nothing would be better than this. This comfy outfit will look wonderful on everyone.

A Skirt and Camisole

If you are a teenage girl, you can wear a simple skirt with a matching camisole to get a chic look. Make sure that a skirt must fit your body nicely. Want to spice up this look? You have the option to wear some edgy shoes. Always keep in mind that never doing something that makes you look overdone on the first date. So, try to stick to the least and cool outfit as much as you can.

A Dressy Blouse and Jeans

You just have to wear jeans that you feel are the most comfortable for you. Pair it with a silk or velvet top. To add a touch of elegance to your look, you can choose to get low heels. This not only gives you a chic look and enhances you to impress your date with your dressing sense as well. Get a heart-stealing first impression with this fabulous outfit.

A Jeans Shorts and Silk Cami

If there is too hot to wear jeans, then why not opt for jeans shorts or a skirt? If you have a Silk Cami, then pair your jeans shorts with it to add some elegance to your look. Go for pairing this outfit with low heeled mules, as it will work perfectly with your first date outfit. The teenagers will surely love this idea of what to wear on a first date. It will make them feel easy throughout your date.

Silk Cami First Date Outfit Women

A high-necked black top

You would kill others with this high-necked solid blacktop. Just pair it with dark blue or black jeans. This outfit not only gives you a fashion statement, but also works great in giving you comfort. This outfit is perfect as it does not make you look like trying too hard or too easy for the date.

If you are going for dinner, this outfit will make you look impressive and perfect for the first date.

A Skater Dress and Sneakers

This outfit is one of the lowest maintenance ideas in the list of first date outfits for women. In addition to giving a simple look, this outfit is capable enough to win compliments from your date. Just choose a fun and bright skater dress. No worries whether you have a dress with a subtle print on it or without a print. Pair your dress with sneakers and minimal jewelry. You are perfect to go on your first date.

Skater Dress women

A Sassy Shirt and Bell Bottom

Do you have a bell bottom? Then pair it with a nice shirt if you are a woman who doesn’t want to experiment. Just make a perfect first date outfit with a white shirt and blue bell bottom jeans. To add a statement to your style, get a pair of high heels. Keep your hairstyle simple with a ponytail or straighten your hair.

This outfit will help you create a heart-stealing yet bold look and will surely impress your date with the way you dress up. It will also make you feel confident.

A Satin Maxi Dress

Are you going for a candlelight dinner? Then, nothing would be better than wearing a pretty satin maxi dress. If you have one, then don’t miss this opportunity to impress your guy. Pair your outfit with nice earrings or studs, as it will work great in adding elegance to your look.

You can wear high-heeled pumps or stilettos for the perfect look. A messy bun and dark lipstick are something that adds a touch of sophistication to your style. This is one of the stylish summer outfits that will make you feel confident and elegant all through your casual first date.

A Romper and Gladiators

If you are the one who loves hippy styles, then you can go for wearing a floral print romper and opt for pairing this outfit with a nice pair of gladiators. It is one of the perfect first date outfits for women if you are going to some fiesta-like place for your first date.

romper with gladiator first date outfits women

A Pleated Skirt and Top

Pairing a nice pleated skirt with a ruffle top is something that ensures to become a style statement. This outfit helps you to get some European touch to your style. Some women love to go for pastel shades with a solid color top. But, you can choose a floral pleated skirt and a solid top. Pairing this outfit with mules gives you a complete look.

A Shirt Dress and Belt

The combination of a shirt dress with a belt is something that gives an easy-breezy option for all women. Almost every woman may have a shirt dress in her wardrobe. When you wear a shirt dress with a belt, it gives you a more stylish look than wearing just a simple dress.

Style this look with a pair of a loop and heel, or you can also opt for wearing knee-length boots. Don’t forget to carry a nice bag to enhance your style. Apart from getting this look for your first date, you can also go for it at a concert or café, anywhere you want.

Shirt Dress Outfit Women

A Sweater Dress

If you are going on your first date in the winter, nothing would be better than a sweater dress. We all know that a camisole or sleeveless dress is not a good idea at all in this season. You can choose a nice short dress that makes you feel better. Wear knee-length boots to get a perfect look. It is incomplete without using a wide strap belt. This will not only enhance your look but will also make you look stylish.

Sweater Dress First Date outfits Women

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A Skirt and a Long Coat

It is one of the favorite outfits in Europe. So, if you are looking for first date outfits for women, you can wear a pleated skirt, a plain top/blouse and complete this look with a long overcoat. With this combination, you will be ready to shine on your first date.

To get a classier look, you can pair this outfit with a beret cap. Thus, it gives you a perfect winter first date outfit.

Final Words

If you are worried about what to wear on a first date, you are advised to go with a simple look. The most important thing is to be yourself. Because how you carry your outfit also plays a great role in displaying your style and personality.

Your confidence and style make a whole new significance on your date. So, get an outfit that reflects your personal style and give your date a snapshot of your personality.