Have you ever heard of sneakers made from banana or pineapple leaves, dresses from nettles, or fish scales? If not then you will be in surprise as the fashion industry is hunting for alternative materials to save the environment.

However, experts have warned that this quick fix will not solve this enormous problem of the fashion industry due to over-consumption and waste. But they do believe that it is the right step in developing cleaner technology.

Hannes Schoenegger, the co-founder of Bananatex, said that the buyers will be able to eat the final product. Bananatex uses banana leaves from the Philippines to craft bags, tees, and a line of shoes for H&M, This footwear was sold out in just two hours.

During the Premiere Vision Paris Conference, Hannes provided customers and fashion enthusiasts with this information. The place also had some of the biggest industry professionals to discuss and find out which fabrics will dominate the coming seasons.

Organic fashion
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Nova Kaeru, the Brazil-based leather goods supplier, offered leather made from discarded scales of the giant pirarucu fish and another product from using the tropical “elephant ear” plant. Among these natural materials, nettle is garnering much attention.

It can be turned into a silk-like substance and incredibly strong fabric that can be used to make everyday clothes as well as luxury attire. This suggests that many of these technologies are not new to the world!

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Nettles have been used for clothing for centuries, but people forgot about that. This is the main task of fashion houses to reintroduce these ideas that have been lost in history.

However, we should not over-rely on new materials in the drive towards sustainability. If fashion houses make the same amount of clothing from the replacement materials then the purpose of all these movements will go in vain.

Additionally, it will add up new problems if further deforestation makes way for newly fashionable plants!