In recent times, recycled synthetics are making their way into the sustainability movement and countering the blanket dismissal of synthetics as being harmful to the environment. In most instances, activists point to the plastic problem. How it does not require too many resources and manpower in production and has a longer shelf life. It will be the USPs to market it as an alternative to virgin synthetics such as nylon and leatherette.

Italian giants Aquafil is among the world’s leading producers and suppliers of recycled nylon for the fashion market. They take the postconsumer waste like fishing nets and heavy-duty plastic waste and break it down into molecules, monomers, before combining them to create nylon polymer to craft econyl fabric.

The world took notice regarding Sustainable Synthetics when Alia Bhatt flaunted a sari made out of recycled nylon and repurposed faux leather by Delhi-based luxury label Bloni. Akshat Bansal, the founder of Bloni stated that, with the knowledge that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluters in the world, they felt that they can change the narrative a little bit.

Sustainable Synthetics
Alia Bhatt in Synthetic Silver Sari!

Recycled nylon base saris combined with a metallic parachute is this luxury label’s most-ordered garment. Additionally, their blouses, t-shirts, and leotards made out of econyl are going like hot potatoes! Along with that, Bloni is also crafting pants, jackets, and vests using another synthetic fabric made by coating a pure cotton canvas with a polyurethane laminate. “When broken down, the cotton degrades to zero and the outer layer takes a bit longer. However, the fabric is still a safe alternative to leather or leatherette,” said Akshat.

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As the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, we need to use environment-safe materials. This way, we can save the environment and still look fashionable and trendy! By accepting and flaunting Sustainable Synthetics made clothes, celebrities are also making sure that this reaches to a mass audience.