You know how corona has affected the world and has put a hold on our life and our fashion world as you don’t have to wear fancy clothes to stay inside your house. But nothing can stop fashion as you know fashion is inevitable!

People have added fashion in the most basic yet one of the most important things in this corona time; Face Masks Pattern. Yes, you read that right! Fashionistas have added a way to the mask and made them a symbol of fashion to show off their newfound style sense.

It is quite funny how people wore masks only to get protection from pollution in earlier days and now it is quite mandatory to wear your mask all the time to save yourself from this dangerous infection. The journey of a mask from being a side hero to the main hero of the movie is quite fascinating and that is why it needed a style overhaul!

Masks are one of the essential parts during this pandemic time as we all know how it protects us from getting germs into our mouth and helps to stop this COVID-19 from spreading. Flaunt some of the most stylish and trendy face mask patterns in this tough time and stay strong and stay safe in style!

Best Face Mask Patterns

  • DIY single-layered plated face mask
  • DIY double-layered shaped style face mask
  • Silk handloom face mask
  • Designer mask
  • Eco-friendly mask
  • Masks with quirky quotes and country flagsFace Mask


DIY Single-layered Plated Face Mask

There is nothing more beautiful and safer than a mask made by you. This DIY mask is in trend not only due to its style but it also helps you to spend time during this lockdown and help you learn some new art in your free time. You can make and design as you like and can choose your favorite color to make your own plated face mask. The single-layered mask is quite easy to make and you are going to love how beautiful and stylish they are and that too made by yourself!

DIY Double-layered Shaped Style Face Mask

If you are looking for something more protective and stylish at the same time, then this double-layered mask is just your style! You can make them easily at your home and kill off your free time by designing some of the best prints and styles on this double-layered and add more style to the face mask pattern. These DIY masks are the best when you want to add some work in your style.

Silk Handloom Face Mask

Guwahati-based fashion designer Nandini Borkakati introduced us to the new style level of face mask when she designed a mask made out of silk. A perfect mask if you want to just flaunt your style with this simplistic yet sophisticated mask. The mask is made from Assam’s paat silk and she designed it to tell people to go for fabric made masks with the unique and creative face mask pattern. This is by far one of the best face mask styles we have seen till now and it is so beautiful and sophisticated that you’ll fall in love with this amazing face mask pattern!

Designer Mask

If you are a social media butterfly then you may notice how a face mask is breaking its shell and evolving beyond being a necessity item into a style statement! Keep one thing in mind that mask is going to be here for a long time. Then why don’t we add some styles and make it one of the most desirable things in the market?

The next face mask pattern is the sneaker style and it is becoming a fashion icon in the world. A unique and out-of-the-box style, this sneaker styled face mask is rough and tough and you can not only get protection from Corona but also get protection from accidents and fallouts. These masks will protect your nose and face from injuries and keep you beautiful and safe!

Eco-Friendly Masks

Let’s go a little green and save our mother nature by opting for eco-friendly face masks. A textile designer based out of Kolkata gave us a new environment-friendly face mask style which you can buy at minimal price and keep yourself healthy. You’ll think about how you are going to be healthy by wearing this mask, right? Well, this mask is made out of pure cotton which was dyed in turmeric, neem, tulsi, and red sandalwood. These ingredients will help you breathe fresh and clean air and will kill germs and viruses passing through them! A healthy and eco-friendly mask is the need of an hour right now and you should try this mask and they do come in various face mask patterns.

Masks With Quirky Quotes and Country Flags

With quirky and inspirational quotes, show your thinking and a positive mentality to the world and give voice to your opinion with this face mask style. This pattern is becoming a huge fan favorite among youngsters and you can see these types of masks everywhere in social media right now!

This is the time to show unity and patriotism to fight against this virus and do that with the country flag face mask pattern. These face mask styles are becoming a sensation in recent times and becoming more and more popular. Flaunt this country mask and stand tall with your country in this tough time.

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Final Words:

Let’s be a responsible citizen and stay home and stay safe during this pandemic. We can stop the spread of corona if we maintain social distancing and wear face masks. Let’s buy and wear fancy and fashionable face mask style and beat corona in fashion!