Currently, on her ‘Future Nostalgia’ Europe Tour, Dua Lipa has given us back to back hits over the span of her career. But that is not the only best thing about the singer. Her fashion sense is also noteworthy. From street style to red carpet, we can expect the best outfit from the singer. 

Dua Lipa has a record for giving the best red carpet and stage outfits among her fans. Bright and glittery bodycons, bejewelled gowns, and daring dresses look as good on her as pants and tops! Dua, undoubtedly, has the physique and confidence to carry them all flawlessly.

We have a collection of some of the best Dua Lipa outfits on the red carpets, as well as her stage costumes, that we loved to see. Read below to know more about the Dua Lipa iconic outfits over the years.

Dua Lipa Outfits That Will Make You Swoon

  • Dua Lipa Iconic Outfits On Red Carpets
    • Alexander Wang Two Piece
    • Versace Butterfly Dress
    • Semi Sheer Dress
    • Atelier Versace Dress
    • Deutscher Radiopreis Suit
    • Giambattista Valli It-Dress
  • Most Stunning Dua Lipa Concert Outfits
    • Miami ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour
    • T in the Park Performance
    • Studio2054 Performance
    • SNL Musical Performance
    • Los 40 Awards 2020 Performance
    • BBC Radio I-Teen Awards

Dua Lipa Iconic Outfits On Red Carpets

Alexander Wang Two-Piece

During the 2020 Grammys, Dua Lipa chose to wear a striking all-white two-piece number from Alexander Wang. The simple satin dress was only ornate with a single necklace, light bracelets, rings and small earrings, making the entire look minimal yet chic. The eye makeup stands out from the outfit because of the vibrant colour. 

Alexander Wang Two-Piece

Versace Dress

Dua Lipa chose to go for the Butterfly-inspired Versace dress for the 2021 Grammys. The outfit, needless to say, gave us butterflies with all that glitter and mesh. She paired the jewelled ankle strap heels with the dress. As for accessories, she simply went for a studded bracelet and rings to complete the look. The subtle accessories complement the dress while keeping it in the spotlight!

Versace Dress

Semi Sheer Dress

Cannes can be the place to look for some of the best outfits serves. Dua did serve us with this dazzling black semi-sheer dress at Cannes 2019. The bejewelled choker and wrist watch is just perfect for lifting up the dress’s charm. As always, less is more works well for the accessories here too. A black dress is definitely something that steals hearts!

Semi Sheer Dress

Atelier Versace Dress

The Met Gala is always the ideal time to show some creative and peculiar outfits. Dua Lipa did just that at the 2019 Met Gala when the theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. This Atelier Versace dress with a fabulous plunging neckline, embroidered bodysuit, leggings and flowing duchess overskirt in a high-low silhouette seemed to fit the theme just right!

Atelier Versace Dress

Deutscher Radiopreis Suit

In 2018, Dua Lipa wore this striking oversized suit to Deutscher Radiopreis at the Schuppen 52 event. Statement earrings with an oversized suit and a bralette under them can be said to be the sexiest outfit out there. Not to mention the outfit flaunted Dua’s abs. The outfit was sure to turn all the heads in the room with this gorgeous look.

Deutscher Radiopreis Suit

Giambattista Valli It-dress

This gown for the 2018 Brit Awards was one of those outfits that leaves you at a loss for words! The fluffy gown with voluminous frills and black bow looks absolutely breathtaking on its well-toned physique of Dua. While we are used to seeing Dua in bodycons and pants, such gowns seem to give us a fresh look of hers every now and then.

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Most Stunning Dua Lipa Concert Outfits

Miami ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour

dua lipa outfits

The Mugler couture outfit that Dua Lipa wore at her Miami ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour was definitely worth the praise. The glittery black and golden bodycon outfit as well as the lime and pink outfits for her tour all were classic outfits. The bodycon outfits flaunted Dua Lipa’s amazing physique and height.

The bodycon outfits paired with matching gloves and heels did not need any other accessories along with it. It was perfect on its own. Especially the black and golden shimmery outfit that glittered on the stage while she performed definitely left us all in awe.

T In The Park Performance

One of the outfits we can remember Dua Lipa, apart from these glittering and shimmering outfits is the Marques’ Almeida outfit. This is the outfit Dua wore for the T In The Park at Strathallan Castle in 2016. The outfit was nothing glitter or diamond studded, yet it was a fashionable piece.

This outfit proved Dua can nail not only the designer gowns and bodysuits but also oversized denim dresses! The oversized denim dress was ripped at the ends making it look more of a casual outfit. Dua Lipa paired this outfit with shorts underneath and yellow lace boots giving a color blocking effect. 

dua lipa outfits - The Park Performance

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STUDIO2054 performance

This glittery Mugler bodysuit at the Studio2054 2020 performance was just mind blowing! All the looks from the performance were marvellous but this outfit definitely stood out among them. From the neckline to the entire bodysuit,  hundreds of crystals were embroidered on the fabric over the outfit.

The sheer black bodycon with embedded crystals and thong was custom made for Dua Lipa by Mugler couture. The statement diamond choker complemented the bodysuit along with the black block-heeled boots. The outfit was, no doubt, one of the most dazzling Dua Lipa outfits for the concerts!

dua lipa outfits - Studio Performance

SNL Musical performance

‘This’ outfit was definitely one of the most iconic Dua Lipa concert outfits ever! The hat, the dress, the boots, everything was just perfect to close the Saturday Night Live 2020 event. The flowy white gown was just angelic with the iconic feather hat on top it.

Dua Lipa gave an unforgettable performance in that Valentino gown, the headdress and the boots. The crowd went gaga over the outfit, and we need to give it to her for slaying the outfit too. White is definitely Dua’s thing, we must say!

dua lipa outfits - SNL Musical Performance

Los 40 Awards 2020 performance

A leaf as an outfit was the least expected from the Los 40 Awards 2020 Performance of Dua Lipa! No one could have pulled off the leaf dress outfit better than Dua for the performance. The halter neck dress did steal our hearts as soon as we saw it! 

dua lipa outfits - LOS 40 awards

The outfit fits her physique and her curves pretty well. The fishnet leggings underneath give a good covering effect to the dress without hampering it. As usual minimum accessories work the best for Dua when it comes to fashion.

BBC Radio I-Teen Awards

dua lipa outfits

Yes, we know the sheer coat is absolutely dope! The white sheer coat buckled with a belt and a bodysuit underneath was something you might not have expected to see at the concert. But it did not fail to make us fall in love with how it highlights all her features well.

The stockings and boots do not hinder the outfit while giving some coverage to the outfit. And the glittery belt is doing a perfect job at keeping the outfit in place as well as glamorous! This can, undoubtedly, be called as one of the best Dua Lipa concert outfits, among many others.

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Final Words

These are only a few of the many Dua Lipa outfits that have kept us assured that the popstar can not only nail high notes but also mini skirts and bodycons equally well! From the high-end luxury brands to the street wears, Dua knows how to carry each outfit flawlessly.

If the Dua Lipa fashion style is your thing for dressing up, this can be a sign to go for her best streetwear outfits. You can try recreating the street style outfits and let us know how it turns out! Let us know in the comments because we love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand does Dua Lipa wear?

Most of Dua Lipa outfits for her concerts and red carpets are designer pieces from Versace, Mugler and Alexander Wang. Many of her red carpet dresses have been customs from Atelier Versace and Mugler. But she also wears other brands for her streetwear outfits.

What is Dua Lipa fashion style?

Dua Lipa fashion style can be called daring yet stylish. She has worn everything from bucket hats and baggy pants to hair clips and mini skirts. You can also take it as the vintage or the ‘90s style since she is constantly spotted wearing vintage prints such as checkerboard, gingham, and swirls.