With summer is just around the corner and with the world reopening industries slowly and steadily that were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to check your wardrobe and see what’s still in there. Which clothes will fit you, and what pieces can be repurposed.

During this pandemic, a new clothing style has emerged, known as “Dopamine dressing.” It is the 2022 fashion trend named by many international fashion experts and psychologists. Your dresses will promise fun, aesthetics, creativity and promote good mental health in this clothing.

According to science, dopamine is a chemical messenger that creates a feeling of memory, motivation, and pleasure. To say happy and healthy, we need our body to produce this chemical naturally.

Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky conducted a study. This study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology proved that a person’s clothing might also directly impact one’s confidence and psychological processes.

Dopamine Dressing- new trend

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Let’s see an example of how you can dress comfortably with dopamine dressing. Karen is a girl who loves to wear new outfits. However, after the reopening of offices, Karen won’t simply pock his pre-pandemic office clothes like she used to do when she returns to the office. Instead, this time, she will be considering colors and patterns that made her happy based on her happiness scale.

She might look fabulous in a white top. However, whenever she sees this color, she remembers the sadness of being confined in a hospital during the pandemic. So, Karen will go the other way and wear one of the lockdown favorites black printed sweatshirt, which made her feel at home.

THIS comfort is an example of Dopamine Dressing. You want this comfort of wearing a black sweatshirt to carry daily to your work.

In simple words, dopamine dressing depends on one’s mood and happiness rather than on others’ approval. And this is what the fashion industry is all about!