Dior’s very own infamous feminist designer Maria Grazia Chiuri blessed the Paris Fashion Week with her enthralling design collection. As portrayed in oil paintings across the centuries, she used the male glare to make a huge fashion statement on female empowerment and domination.

For Dior, fashion means survival. Thus, they have kicked Fashion Week into full swing with its fantastic lineup of house classics, reworked and re-stiched with a slight technical bent. Models graced the Tuileries Gardens wearing Dior’s polished, feminine looks combined with workwear references.

Maria Garzia paired sheer dresses with motorbike jackets and gloves, adding utility pockets to a long skirt and tossing stylish bullet-proof vests over shoulders. Dior, the LVMH-owned brand, was the first major clothing label to show its collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

According to Maria, exploring this type of fashion idea helped us understand fashion’s actual value. She also said that we think of fashion as a mere form of decorating our bodies. We have to think of fashion as a place where our body lives.

image of Dior's Fashion week

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Tuesday’s ready-to-wear display in Paris was a beautifully crafted collection – one of the Italian designer’s finest collections – that served to start the Paris Fashion Week in the best possible way. This time, it was all about protection or armor against the world – with a lashing of fashion tech.

The first model sported a ferocious and minimalistic black bodysuit combined with white lines. This provided the suit with a skeleton look and a cutting pattern. Bright-colored leather gloves were also on display. They were styled to the elbow, imagined in contrasting shades of a biker fashion, along with padding at knuckles.

Keep an eye on this Dior’s Fashion Week as the beginning was fierce, and things will get amazingly fashionable with each passing day. So, do follow this fashion week for more fashion updates.