Have you ever avoided wearing a certain type of outfit just because you didn’t have any bra to fit with it? Are you confused about what is the right bra to wear under a certain outfit?

It is true that many women find it hard to get the best when it comes to selecting smart lingerie. Whether you are a teenager who gets overwhelmed with a variety of bras available in the market or a bride-to-be who wants to add sexy additions to her bridal collection, we are here to make things easier. 

Here, we will share 20 different types of bra that help you to find the right piece – fit for any outfit or occasion.

Different Types of Bras

  • Push-up bra
  • Padded bra
  • T-shirt bra
  • Convertible bra
  • Strapless bra
  • Balconette bra
  • Lace bra
  • Bralette
  • Sports bra 
  • Plunge bra
  • Stick-on bra
  • Underwired bra
  • Maternity bra
  • Minimiser bra
  • Transparent strap bra
  • Cami bra
  • Long line bra
  • Cage bra
  • Halter-neck bra
  • Bandeau bra

Push-Up Bra

You can call these push-up bras as lift-up bras. As the name suggests, the women wear these bras to push their breasts upwards. It helps in moving breasts come together which gives great cleavage. These types of bras are padded on the under-side of the cups and are available in different levels, such as gentle, moderate, and explosive.

Push up different types of bra

You can wear this bra with low-cut tops or dresses to enhance your curves, even if you have worn high-neck outfits. No matter what size and shape of your breasts are, these bras are pretty comfortable and give you loads of confidence.

Padded Bra

Among all types of bra, this padded bra is something that every woman should own. These bras have padded cups that prevent nipple show when you wear t-shirts or any fitted outfit. These bras can also be underwired for extra support that gives comfort all day long.

In addition to this, these bras come with different necklines and coverage so that they can fit perfectly with different-sized breasts. You have to choose the right style that best suits you. Even if you have a fuller bust, you can wear a padded bra to enhance comfort and get a seamless look.

T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are one of the ultimate style staples for your lingerie collection. They are designed to give everyday comfort to the wearers. If you wear body-hugging outfits, these bras go invisible without showing your busts and give gentle support to them. These bras come in plenty of styles, such as strapless, plunge, etc.

Tshirt different types of bra

Always keep in mind that all t-shirt bras are padded, whereas all padded bras are not meant for t-shirts. You can wear this bra with a fitted tee to get a seamless and smooth look.

Convertible Bra

Convertible bras are available in several styles and give you a variety of options to choose from. Another name of these bras is a multi-way bra. You can pick a bra with one strap, two straps, strapless, cross back, and others. These bras have detachable straps that you can arrange in various ways at your convenience. 

You can hook these straps in different slots, either at the front or the back. It means you can wear this convertible bra with a variety of outfits.

Strapless Bra

As the name suggests, these types of bras come without straps. No, it does not fall off. If you have shoulder-baring outfits, you should have this bra in your lingerie collection. It has two cups that are held in one place with a strong and wired under-band. This band gives all support to the breasts.

As it is without straps, so it is very important to wear the right fit, i.e. not too tight and not too loose. An unfitted strapless bra can make you uncomfortable. Some of these bras come with detachable straps. It means you have the choice to wear it with straps or without them, whatever you want.

Balconette Bra

If you are looking for a delicate lingerie style, you must add a balconette bra to the collection. These bras give a gentle fit and a rounded look to your breasts. They have wide straps and cups that work effectively in making an almost horizontal neckline. This bra is completely hidden if you wear an outfit with the widest neck.

Balconette different types of bra

You can find the best that you can wear regularly, especially if you are going to wear a wide-neck blouse. They are perfect for giving your breasts a slight push upwards. Just wear it with cute sweetheart necklines for that extra go.

Lace Bra

Lace bras are one of the most luxurious pieces of lingerie. If you want something similar, you can have a lace bra to get that fun yet classy look. These bras are made of lace and are available in varied styles and colors. These different types of bra are the perfect choice for the bedroom, and you can also wear them regularly.

Lace bras are available in different styles, such as full coverage cups, push-up styles, and many others. Get that hot and stylish look with the right fitted lace bra. You can even wear it with a low-neck top because if your bra peeks through, it will look cute.


Bralette is not entirely considered as a bra. Unlike other different types of bra, bralette can be worn both as underwear and outerwear. Though they are taken as a bra, bralettes are designed with minimal construction and can be taken off easily. You can buy this type of bra from online lingerie stores. You can wear this bra under loosely fitted tops or any outfit with low necklines and show off those gorgeous lace edges.

The cotton bralettes are a great choice for daily home wear, while fashion bralettes can be chosen to flaunt your outfit on holidays, parties, or special occasions.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is sturdier than everyday bras. They are designed specifically to provide the ultimate support to the breasts when you workout. They are designed and structured in such a way that they prevent bounce and hold the breasts gently during strenuous movement. If you do regular exercise, you must have this bra.

You can find numerous styles of sports bras, such as padded sports bras, compression sports bras, pull-over sports bras, and many more variations. You can wear a sports bra with your workout outfits and get the athleisure look. It minimizes breast movement and eliminates discomfort. 

Sports different types of bra

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Plunge Bra

If you are wondering what a plunge bra is, you must know that these bras are designed to display your cleavage when you wear deep-neck outfits. These bras have deep center gore and cups that are structured in a way to easily mold to the shape of the breasts. Plunge bra usually hides under low necklines. They also give a fuller appearance to the breasts and cleavage.

Though they are available in many variants and colors, you have to choose the one based on your bust type, outfit, and style. If you are wearing a plunge neck jacket, pair it with a plunge bra to get the perfect look.

Stick-On Bra

Do you have a backless or sheer-back outfit? Are you wondering how to wear this outfit as you don’t have the right bra? Stick-on bras are the types of bras that are perfect for these outfits. They are designed using an adhesive substance under the cups and wings, along with glue onto your curves.

You can also find silicone stick-on bras that do not have side wings and work great to give extreme support to the breasts. If you have a sheer back dress, just get this stick-on bra and be ready for the occasion with a gorgeous look.

Underwired Bra

If you are looking for a bra that gives superb support, an underwired bra is the ideal choice for you. In these bras, a wire is stitched at the bottom of the cups because this will help in preventing any saggy look of the breasts. These bras give an alluring shape to curvy women. They come in a variety of styles and give you a great selection for daily wear.

Unwired different types of bra

Maternity Bra

These bras are specially designed to give additional comfort and ease to the mother-to-be. They are made with fabric and cups that can easily accommodate the changing breasts’ shape and size during and after pregnancy. Some of these bras come with easily removable flaps so that a mother can comfortably breastfeed her baby. These bras are called nursing bras.

Get the maternity bra and wear it with a flowy dress and be ready for a party. If you are looking for a bra with detachable layers, this bra is the best choice for easy feeding.

Minimiser Bra

If you have heavy breasts and are struggling hard to find the perfect bra to support your breasts, fortunately, you must look for minimizer bras. These bras work great for women who want to lessen the look of their large bust under the fitted outfits. They are designed with the aim of reducing the projection and size of the chest. They are best to create the appearance of a smaller bust.

Along with these benefits, these bras also provide extra support and shape to the breasts. Wearing this bra means no more cover-ups are required.

Transparent Strap Bra

If you want to wear a backless or strapless dress to a party and are worried about how to go with it, get a transparent strap bra as the best option. These are basic bras that come with or without wires and have transparent plastic straps on the shoulders and at the back. It means these bras are the ideal bra type for outfits that are backless or strapless.

Transparent strap

Do you have a cowl neck strappy top? No need to worry at all when you have a transparent strap bra to complete the look.

Cami Bra

If you want both the coverage of a camisole and the support of a bra, nothing would be better than wearing a cami bra. These types of bra are the perfect combination of style and functionality. These bras have high necklines and full cups that work to hide the cleavage when you wear deep-neck outfits. 

Some of the cami bras are underwired and padded that gives your breasts a gently rounded list, while some of them have detachable straps.

Long Line Bra

Long line bras are the types of bras that are both stylish and functional. These bras have extended coverage below the best and reach above the belly button. Some of these bras even help in shaping your waist. They have an extremely wide band that works great in giving you a sleek and sexy look. You can wear a long line bra under everyday outfits or even as bridal wear. 

Cage Bra

These bras are one of the stylish padded bras that are designed with a multi-strap at the back. These bras are meant to be shown off. If you want to wear low-cut and sheer back outfits, these bras are the perfect bra option for you. Cage bra is a style that is loved by women all around the world.


Halter-Neck Bra

If you are not happy with the sliding bra straps, then you have the halter neck bra as the best alternative to all types of bra. It is designed to eliminate the need for straps on the shoulders and at the back. Instead, they go around the neck. These bras can have a long strap that you can wear around your neck, or they can have two straps that you can tie at the back of the neck.

You can wear a halter-neck bra with a variety of outfits, especially with your backless top or dress.

Bandeau Bra

If you love wearing bandeau or tube dresses, this bra type is one of the best choices for you. These bras are made with stretchy fabric that is designed in a way to cover your bust. These bras do not have hooks at the back; instead, they can be worn easily by slipping them on. In addition to this, these bras come without padding, underwires, or structured caps. 


Bandeau bras are the best bra types for women with smaller breasts.

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Final Words

Now, when you know these different types of bra available in the market, it becomes easier for you to shop around and get the best bra for you. Always keep in mind that picking the right bra type and size is as important as you pick the right-sized dress or top.

Be ready! Here, you have the perfect bra types; it’s time to go looking.