The CFDA has officially announced the launch of its NFT educational program partnership. The Council of Fashion Designers of America launched this program to inform US fashion talent about the metaverse and Web3, and connect the CFDA members with latest tools and resources. This can enable the designers to launch their own projects.

About the Metaverse Educational Programme


Council of Fashion Designers of America declared that the program was in partnership with the creative consultancy 5Crypto, a blockchain-based 3D virtual world The Sandbox, and Polygon Studios, a gaming and NFT studio. The CFDA is on its way to establish a Web3 blueprint for American fashion designers to take on the market in the metaverse.

CFDA is aiming to grow its creative community in the digital world and educate and innovate future users. The council is working to bridge the gap between fashion and crypto in the upcoming wave of commerce by introducing the web3 to a larger consumer section. This will, in a way, engage and broaden their communities as well.

This new program by CFDA resolves to offer professional development and educational resources that allows the interested designers to continue to gain insights and cultivate their business.

“The beginning of this partnership is going to be really based in education: knowledge panels, fireside chats, 101 conversations — really helping our members see the opportunity for them specifically in the metaverse and web3.” 

said Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA
Council of Fashion Designers of America

Kolb further elaborated that often times the world of NFTs was still new to many of its members. Many had been asking questions regarding it and, hence, it felt like their responsibility to keep them informed about the business opportunities pertaining it.

The members will also get help if they want to take the next steps and create virtual collections or ‘tokenised loyalty programmes‘ for themselves. Kolb added the CFDA was looking at opportunities for itself as well to expand their barriers.

To this, The Sandbox co-founder Arthur Madrid added, “We believe the metaverse is the new frontier of expression, where avatars will be an extension of our digital identity. We are excited to offer new creative tools for fashion designers to create NFT collections with digital ownership and scarcity that will be playable in the metaverse!”

Akbar Hamid, the founder and CEO of 5Crypto, quoted that it will also be important for brands to find creative ways to translate their DNA into these spaces beyond just replicating their physical products and experiences.

Nike Metaverse store

Although the world of metaverse is still far from the network of interconnected virtual worlds but it does overlap physical and virtual worlds and provides some insights into the virtual world. Many other fashion brands have also been exploring and looking for ways to expand their visions and range through NFTs and metaverse.

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