Officially serving as one of the official platinum partners of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant this June, Burberry is marking The Queen’s 70 years with a series of special celebrations. And we can witness how much effort the brand has put into giving the best celebratory gifts for the great event. An art-piece, specially designed scarves, a floating meadow and special messages and art works- definitely Burberry knows how to make it ‘grand’!

The Superbloom Artwork By Burberry

Art-piece At The Burberry Art Wall

This Burberry artwork display is full of fantasy elements! The brand collaborated with Emmony (formerly the digital art director of Nick Knight’s Show Studio) to create a “utopian vision” of a future world that is “rich in biodiversity and shepherded by nature.”

The Burberry Art Wall, situated at the entrance of Superbloom at the Tower of London, aims at encouraging “a new generation of creatives to explore the future of our world,” in a creative manner.

Superbloom resides in the moat of the Tower of London, where about 20 million seeds have been planted as of now. It has been specially designed to attract pollinators and wildlife, marking the first step towards permanent transformation of the moat into a natural landscape.

“For the Superbloom artwork, I took inspiration from the detail of Elizabethan tapestries and textile design, and visualized nature unfolding across these wide scenes,”

said Emmony

Burberry’s Scarf For The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Scarf For The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Hand-drawn flora and fauna inspired by British woodlands with birds native to each of the four nations – a Robin for England, Capercaillie for Scotland, Sparrowhawk for Northern Ireland and a Golden Eagle for Wales – feature on our exclusive scarf

-Burberry Instagram Post

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee silk square scarf retails for 330 pounds and is available online as well as at selected Burberry stores around the globe. The scarf will be framed at Burberry store flags and windows in London for the duration of the Jubilee celebrations.

Burberry also mentioned that they have marked the special edition scarf with a donation to a conservation charity. The Woodland Trust will be supporting them in creating a UK rich in woods and trees, for both people and wildlife.

Burberry’s Floating Meadow For Platinum Jubilee

Burberry installed a zero-waste floating meadow that includes more than 5,000 plants, most of which are found along the U.K.’s riverbanks. The purpose of the meadow is to portray the role that natural grasslands and marshes play in storing carbon, and how flowers feed pollinators and riverside wildlife.

To build the garden, Burberry used approximately 1.4 tons of recycled plastic that was collected from rivers around the U.K.. This is equivalent to almost 58,000 plastic bottles or 3.3 million plastic drinking straws.

After the display is finished, the elements will be reused, repurposed or recycled. The greens will be replanted by Burberry volunteers. Floating meadow maps have also been created from seeded paper and vegetable inks which allows visitors to plant and create their own meadow from home.

Burberry Teams Up With Children For Jubilee

Burberry also teamed up with school children of Armley Park Primary School to honor The Queen with some special Jubilee artwork and messages. These artworks and messages will be displayed at more than 80 bus stops throughout Westminster, near to where the Platinum Jubilee Pageant will take place.

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