Braids are considered as an easy way to get rid of hair styling for months and give you peace of mind from styling your hair every time you go out. Moreover, braided hairstyles also protect your hair from harsh environmental factors and give them rest from hair products.

Braided hairstyles for black women are all about showing your creativity through styling your hair in some unique way. Also, you will be amazed to find the number of interesting braiding techniques that are used to give a unique look to your hair.

Additionally, like normal hairstyles, you can try highlighting, curly texture, patterns, shapes and even some themes to your hair. The hair with natural perm and thickness is a plus point for you and can also be said that your hair is created for braids.

So, why not go with inspiring and stunning braided hairstyles to have a completely different look and personality?

Inspiring Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Here, we have come up with some stunning braided hairstyles for black women which will definitely encourage you to call your braider as soon as possible.

  1. Criss-Cross Goddess Braids
  2. Asymmetrical Goddess Braids
  3. Feed-in Braids
  4. Half-Updo with Long Braids
  5. Braided Ponytail
  6. Snake Braids
  7. Chunky Mohawk Braids
  8. Crochet Braids
  9. Ghana Braids Bun
  10. Curvy Ghana Braids with Crown Bun

Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

 Braided hairstyles for black women

Criss-cross goddess braids actually cornrow braids that give you a perfect hairstyle to try when you do not want to waste your time and thoughts of having different hairstyles.

Simply give your hair a break and enjoy a peace of mind by not to worry about your strands style. Also, this braided hairstyle does not take much time to do and even very easy to take out.

Asymmetrical Goddess Braids

This hairstyle is something that you will love to try. It contains mix plaits of different sizes and is a wonderful idea to give texture and dimension to your hairstyle. It is a combination of chunky and thin braids.

This braided hairstyle is more creative and exciting than normal plaits. Moreover, you can add beads or cuffs to make this hairstyle more attractive.

Feed-in Braids

Braided hairstyle for black women

This kind of braided hairstyle can easily be performed at any African hair braiding salon. What makes it more creative is the natural-looking cornrow which is done with a combination of the narrow braids at the hairline.

Also, you need not worry about stress on the edges as this braiding method protects the edges.

Half-Updo with Long Braids

If you have long hair and looking for a long braided hairstyle to beat the summer months, this is one of the best-braided hairstyles for black women that will always keep your look fresh.

This hairstyle involves a half-updo at some height on the head. In addition, it gives a sexy look and can go perfectly with any outfit and occasion.

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

The Ponytail is something that can never go out of fashion, especially if you have black natural hair; braided ponytail hairstyle requires low maintenance. Braided with a high ponytail is the perfect hairstyle to go in the summers.

If you are looking for a simple yet stunning braided hairstyle, it would never break your heart.

Snake Braids

It is not something to go always with long and curvy braids for typical cornrows. Snake braids are very much similar to it, but come out to be the more stylish and fresh hairstyle for black women.

If you want to give a fresh yet creative look to the hair braids closely to the scalp, you must go with snake braids. Moreover, you can also add some beads of your choice for that extra bling.

Chunky Mohawk Braids

Braided hairstyle for black women

Mohawk braids are a great way to try a hairstyle that does not require shaving and you can have a similar look without cutting your hair. When it comes to braided Mohawk braided hairstyles for black women, it cannot be compared with anything else.

Also, this hairstyle offers you endless possibilities to try Mohawk style on your hair, like you can go for half side Mohawk or both side Mohawk with cornrow in the center of your hair. You can try different chunky style to have that unique look.

Crochet Braids

If you do not want braids in you all hair from top to bottom, crochet braids hairstyle is a handy idea that does not require full-hair weaving. It involves braids only on the head and leaves the rest of the hair open. This hairstyle gives you many options which you can try on your open hair. Like keep them down or can make a bun or up in a ponytail.

Moreover, to add more style to your hair, you can go for highlights into your crochet braids and use them in your own way.

Ghana Braids Bun

Ghana Braids Bun

Having braids does not mean you have to go with an idea on over your head or hair. No doubt, braided hairstyle all over your head is great fun and creativity, but sometimes simple and classy also look more creative than full-hair braids.

Ghana braids bun involves a curved part and two low braids on both sides with a bun. No matter whether you have short or long hair, this hairstyle goes perfectly with any hair type. It is a little different from other braid hairstyles for black women.

Curvy Ghana Braids with Crown Bun

Buns are always comfortable and cute, especially when it includes updo. This hairstyle gives you a chance to have something unique where your curvy Ghana braids are added with a high bun. If you want something bold yet unique, you must go for this gorgeous hairstyle.

This braided hairstyle with bun gives you a chic look that does not require thinking of hair styling every morning. It is a great hairstyle for women with busy lifestyles.


Whether you are looking for straight braids, curved braids, braided buns, Mohawk braids or any braided style, you have endless options. All you require to go with the one that goes perfectly with your look and personality.

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