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Don’t we often reminisce over the good old college days when we could laze around the dormitory in the super comfy sweatpants! With zero worries about the fashion police scrutinising our every single move, we could slip into these comfort wears which got us covered during everything ranging from the morning jog to the midnight gossip sessions.

Fashion as we know evolves parallel with our changing viewpoints and requirements. Maybe this was the biggest cause of evolution of our go-to attire into a ramp-ready garment which has been sported to perfection by celebrities whether they are hitting the gym or catching a late-night flight.

Trendy Clothes For Women

  • While heading to work

Keep it cool and toned down with matching sweatpants and blazer. Team up these trendy clothes for women with black pumps, shades and t-shirt for that badass look perfect for working hours.

Trendy Clothes For Women

  • Floral hues for school

Combine the functionality of sweatpants with the cuteness of floral imprints to add a dash of vivacity to your daily wear. From cherry blossoms to neon hues, you are bound to be spoilt for choice while picking out these trendy clothes for women.

Trendy Clothes For Women

  • Plus Sized Look

Opt for oversized sweatpants which is known to create a slimming illusion. Team it up with a front open jacket to jazz up your end look.

Trendy Clothes For Women

  • Heels With Sweatpants

It might seem pretty boug-ghetto to pair your favourite high heels with sweats but this look is actually taking the fashion industry by storm. These trendy clothes for women are proving time and again that we dwell in the era of style anarchy where the trendsetter actually deviates from the general fashion philosophies. So, combine the laid-back goodness of the sweatpants with the uber sexy stilettos to create a trendy yet effortless look in no time. But make sure not to dampen the overall look with excess jewellery or makeup as the heels and gym pants are all that you need to steal the show.

Trendy Clothes For Women

  • The Leather Fever

Match up the faux leather babies with a long coat and bang on attitude to be on top of the fashion game. Try to keep them a bit on the slouchy side as tight-fitted ones can impart a trashy feel to your overall getup. You can also team them up with mules or loafers for being spring ready at your casual best.

Trendy Clothes For Women

These soft and comfy yet chic trendy clothes for women can ramp up your style quotient in no time if mixed and matched properly. Use our pictures as inspiration for creating your own style statement as you walk down the dewy path of nostalgia and set your best feet forward by channelling out that inner diva. There is a thin line of demarcation between “carelessly cool” and “laundry day.” Big time fashion figures such as Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have revealed the same time and again by styling the sweatpants as a staple off-duty uniform. So be a part of this millennial fashion statement by styling it right as you head out to the play or party scene radiating confidence like never before. Follow us on Instagram @thefashionfantasyworld for more updates.