Every woman aspires to look angelic on her D-day. After all when you have the man of your dreams waiting eagerly at the end of the aisle and shutterbugs capturing every move of yours you need to look anything but perfect. However, the task of carrying off a wedding gown might get a tad daunting if you belong to the curvy category.

Even when you master up the courage to carry off that plunging neckline with utmost sass, the next difficult task is finding the right plus-size wedding dresses to accentuate your hourglass frame. Bridal shops and wedding magazines are filled with zero-figure mannequins making us all wonder where the real shape brides would go!

Keeping such things in mind, we have compiled a list of best plus size wedding dresses having glamorously slimming ruched bodices, waist-cinching crystal-encrusted belts, curve-skimming mermaid silhouettes and illusion necklines with appliqués to accentuate the well-endowed assets of the curvy brides-to-be by hugging them at the right places.

List of Plus-size Wedding Dresses for Bride

It is actually the truth that no one size fits all. There is also a popular wedding dress for every type of bride, thanks to the number of choices on the market. Even if you’re a plus-size bride, you can still appear beautiful and fashionable. All you have to do to purchase plus-size wedding dresses is follow a piece of tried-and-true advice. Because your confidence and how you hold yourself define your beauty rather than your body’s structure.

Floral Embellishments

The soft and feminine floral embellishments can be the perfect fit for a garden wedding. These however needs to be of the proper size as large ones can add to the bride’s size and small ones might make the gown seem proportionately larger. Opt for something which runs in a vertical strip for luring the gaze up and down so that the extra flab of the bride gets camouflaged.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses - Flora; Embellishments

Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Beaded Belt

Ruching on the bodice and strategic beadwork conjures up an optical illusion for masking the areas lying beneath those strategically placed folds. As the attention diverts to the smallest part of your figure, the flowing voluminous skirt causes the waist to look even smaller.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses with Belt

Illusion Neckline

This holy grail of bridal attire is perfect for all body types. In most of the cases, it provides sheer coverage to the upper arms and is a gorgeous way of accentuating that petite neckline without looking too traditional.

Plus Size Wedding Dress - Illusion Neckline

Cap Sleeves

This elegant alternative to the strapless plus size wedding dresses, can draw attention to those sexy collarbones without failing to provide ample arm coverage. You can opt for an all-over lace pattern to sync beautifully with your vintage wedding theme.

Cap Sleeves Wedding Dress

Tulle Wedding Dress

The weightless tulle fabric brings along a fluttery effect which can scrape off pounds instantly from your waist and make you look like an ethereal goddess.

Tulle Wedding Dress

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Mermaid Style Wedding Dress

Considered to be one of the hottest dressing styles, the mermaid dress will hug your curves in the right corners to enhance your sex appeal. As the pleating details set the stage for a flattering line, the derriere pops out to impart balance to your frame and make your assets stand out beautifully.  

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress

A-Line Wedding Dresses

Similar to its nomenclature, these plus size wedding dresses aid in creating a svelte hourglass silhouette by accentuating the waist and hiding the hip line.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

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Ball gown

These dresses having a voluminous skirt, are adored by plus-sized brides especially because of their hidden hip line.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Must-Know Bridal Fashion Tips for Curvy Brides-To-Be

Shopping for a bride’s wedding attire can be a fun but unsettling experience if you are a plus-size lady surrounded by sample size zero clothing. But regardless of size or shape, finding the ideal outfit shouldn’t be a frustrating process. 

Therefore, you should never feel pressured to compromise on your ideal outfit. Every woman is lovely, and brides come in different shapes and sizes. The good news is that you can look stunning on your wedding day, whatever your size or shape. Here are some pointers on how to do precisely that.

So, follow these simple tips for plus-size wedding dresses and go for the unexpected, daring, and stylish look.

Be Willing to Experiment with a Variety of Styles

It is easy for any bride to become fixated on wearing only one kind of dress before ever trying anything on. However, it is recommended for all brides to try on a range of various styles before deciding on a particular cut.

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Don’t Give Up on Your Dream Designer

Many overweight women are frustrated that their favorite designer’s stunning gown will never fit them. Ladies, don’t worry! Plus-size dresses can (and are) made by high-end designers. 

We urge all brides to try on the dress they saw in a magazine or online to see how they feel, regardless of how they believe they will look.

Bring Supportive People to Help You Shop

During wedding gown buying sessions, there is a lot of help. As you select who to bring to your appointments, consider individuals who will enhance your confidence and hype you up. 

Some women prefer to come only to their mother, while others bring a huge entourage. Leave anyone at home who you believe will interfere with your enjoyment of the encounter.

Concentrate on the Dress’s Appearance and Fit Rather Than Its Size

Bridal gowns are not sized the same as regular apparel. Brides aren’t often aware of this, and it can come as a surprise when they learn the size of wedding gown they require. It is critical, especially for plus-size brides, to disregard the tag number. 

Instead, concentrate on the gown’s overall appearance and fit. It makes no difference what the tag says if you put on a dress and feel like a celebrity.

Don’t Wait to Shop Until You Lose Weight

Many brides aim to reduce weight before the big day, but we have seen far too many ladies put off going dress shopping because they are trying to lose weight before the wedding. 

It is recommended to start your wedding dress search at least eight months before your wedding date to ensure that your gown can be created and transported to the salon in time for alterations.

Find Something You Are Comfortable In

On your wedding day, put your comfort first. Being in a well-fitting gown will allow you to do everything you need and want on your wedding day. 

If your dress is too tiny or you feel like your cleavage will fall out all night, you will focus on such things instead of enjoying your wedding day. As a result, finding something that makes you feel good is essential.

Take the Opportunity to Sleep on It, Even If the Dress is Perfect

Finding “the one” might be a severe difficulty for some brides. It’s crucial to note that wedding dress shopping is different for every bride, and while some brides may know straight away when they’ve discovered the right dress, many others won’t.

Pick Fabrics that Flatter Your Figure

The selected fabrics can make or break how you feel in a gown. Thicker ones are better for curvy brides since they smooth everything out and create a streamlined look. 

Strapless styles can make shoulders appear broader, so choose models with thicker shoulder straps or cap sleeves instead. Avoid heavily embroidered bodices and appliqués, which might bring attention to areas you want to draw focus away from.

Final Words

The fabric also has a big role to play in making or breaking the entire look. You can go ahead with stiffer fabrics like satin, silk, and lace which can mask those bumps and smoothen out your frame. Otherwise, you can opt for a girdle or a corset which has been proven to impart a thinner look to the bride’s waist. White has forever been associated with bridal couture in western countries. However, the modern-day ladies are slowly opening up to darker hues for creating a sexier illusion with their plus size wedding dresses.


What are the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes for plus-size brides? 

A-line, mermaid, ball gown, and sheath gown are some of the most flattering wedding dress shapes for plus-size brides. That being said, brides should always feel free to experiment with various silhouettes.

What should a fat bride wear?

If hiding belly fat is your primary goal, avoid mermaid gowns and other dress styles with tight fits. Your best bet is an A-line gown that is fitted at the bust yet flowing at the waist.

What is considered a plus-size bride?

You are called a plus-size bride if you generally wear a size 14 or more size 16 in bridal. However, most designers provide plus sizes, and many boutiques only stock samples in sizes 8, 10, and 12. Before shopping, call your local wedding boutique to ensure they can accommodate you.

Are Bridal Dress Sizes Different from Standard Sizing?

Yes, bridal gown sizing differs from regular sizing. You may know your standard dress size, but your wedding dress size will likely differ.

How can I hide my big arms in my wedding dress?

Using a flattering sleeve length is one example. The optimal sleeve length for brides with big arms is determined by the area of the arm that needs to be concealed. 3/4th sleeves are an option if you wish to cover your upper arm.