What do Adele, Rebel Wilson, and Ashley Graham have in common? They all are beautiful of course but they are all plus-sized women who flaunt their curves and body as no other women could do. They are called style-icons for all the plus-sized women. Here are some best plus size clothing brands.

Beauty is not in being skinny and to have a zero-figure body. No, beauty is how you present yourself with the body you have and all the plus size women have the most beautiful bodies among women. They can flaunt their body and can look jaw-dropping with the right style and fashion sense.

It is very difficult to find the perfect size of clothes for plus-sized women, but remember one thing they are as beautiful as any woman out there. It is normal if you are different from other women and people like you the way you are. 

7 Best plus size clothing brands to wear

Now, the real question arises, which are the best clothing brands for plus size women? Well, there are quite a few options available for plus size women and they offer quite sophisticated and very fashionable dresses for beautiful plus sized women. 

There are clothing brands that design clothes for plus-size women and they are as attractive as they can get. Some of the best plus size clothing brands are-

  • ASOS Curve
  • Torrid 
  • Curvissa 
  • Monki
  • New Look Curves
  • Simple Be
  • River Island Plus

ASOS Curve

Best Plus Size Clothing Brands

If you are plus-sized women then you have heard about the ASOS Curve at least once till now. It is considered as one of the best plus size clothing brands. You can find everything there, from tank tops to shirts, to tees, and many more things.

If you love shopping and you are plus size women then you should try ASOS. They offer categories of clothing for you and made many options available for you to try and feel comfortable in. If you are plus size and want to buy clothes, then there is no better place than ASOS!


For plus size women from size 10-30, this is the best brand for your clothing. Everything is available on this website; swimsuits, leggings, shorts, wedding dresses, jeans, and even lingerie, everything is available on Torrid for you.

All you need to do is just visit the brand’s online store and select your favorite pair of clothes and boom! You just bought a beautiful dress for yourself. And if you are thinking about money and how much it would cost, need not worry, because it is a very affordable brand and you can buy without putting too much burden on your pocket.

They offer everyday discounts, fashion week discounts, festival discounts and what not! Just go crazy and buy your favorite clothes as they measure women, not mannequins!


Best Plus Size Clothing Brands

Considered as the experts of plus size clothing, they offer clothes for plus size women making sure they are trendy and fashionable at that time. They design and make clothes especially for women who plus-sized. 

Are you seeking a wedding dress or a swimsuit and want that to deliver to your door? Then need not worry, Curvissa has covered you. They offer eye-catching occasion wear, tops, leggings, and knitwear. 

Seeking lingerie, don’t worry, Curvissa will deliver you and if you want a stylish jacket for winter or sophisticated coats and dresses, Curvissa will fulfill your wish with new and trendy choices of clothes. 

You should not compromise when it comes to fashion because of your size as you will find more than 3000 fashion items here for you to choose from. This much fashionable clothes in one place for plus size women is a boon for them and you should consider them.


Now, you don’t have to just wear loose tops and tracksuits casually because Monki offers you some of the clothes that are considered as the best in the town. They design specially for you and let you feel beautiful in every way possible. 

They offer everything for plus-sized women; jumpsuits, skirts, coats and jackets, trousers and shorts; everything is available in this brand. They also offer accessories and shoes to go with your trendy dresses and jeans. 

The best thing about this clothing brand is that they offer exclusive discounts on every product available on their store and their online store is quite useful, too. Just need to select your cloth and order and you will get your dress at your home. So, just select and do shopping!

New Look Curves

The eldest and versatile clothing brand of the list is one of the best when it comes to plus size clothing. They offer a wide range of categories to you like leggings, jackets, coats, overcoats, skirts, shorts, tops, and many more things. 

The clothing line of this store is quite amazing and trendy. Customer satisfaction is their motto as they keep the customer at the heart of everything. You ask for a dress, they deliver you that dress, especially plus size clothes. 

The wide range of plus size clothes available here is quite jaw-dropping as customers can select from various categories like winter wear, summer clothes, casuals, formals and many more. They also offer shoes and accessories matching your clothes. Just go and enjoy shopping with them!

Simple Be

Simply the best clothing brand for plus size women is Simple Be. You will never disappoint if you go to this website for shopping as they have some of the trendiest clothes available for plus-sized women.

With Simple Be, you are going to get some of the most fashionable and affordable dresses for you. Everything you need for clothing is available in one place. If you need matching shoes to go with your denim jeans or knee-high shoes for your skirt, Simple Be offers you a wide range of everything you’ll like. Just search in the menu and boom! Your dresses and accessories are there for you.

The range is so huge that you’ll get confused about which top or dress you should buy. You don’t have to worry about your budget too, as they offer lucrative discounts on deals that you’ll surely like. Just visit them and make your wardrobe fashionable again!

River Island Plus



It is simply not possible that you haven’t heard of River Island Plus if you are plus-sized women. They offer some of the best clothes for plus-sized women with a wide range of choices available for you to choose from.

From hot denim jeans, chic trousers, matching sets, jumpsuits to fashionable skirts; everything is available in their store. Just go through their store and shop like crazy because of the trendy and fashionable clothes they offer you.

You won’t get disappointed if you visit their store and look at all the collections of clothes at your disposal. They are also in the mid-range so you don’t have to worry about your pocket. Just go and shop for the trendiest fashionable clothes from there!

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There is nothing to worry about being different from others and be extra than others. Everybody will be looking at you if you have a great fashion sense and with these best plus size clothing brands waiting for you to make your wardrobe interesting again. Just go and buy your way into the fashion world!