Tired of trying hard to get your makeup right? Does that wing of eyeliner frustrate you too? Hunting for hacks to get your makeup done quickly?  No need to get worked up over that everyday makeup now. We have all you need right here. Doing your makeup does not have to be that straining and stressful.

All you need are some hacks that help you finish your makeup with ease. The makeup hacks for beginners can be easy to follow and help you avoid the mess every morning while doing makeup. In a rush to the party? Yet the makeup hacks have your back to get the perfect makeup look and make your makeup last longer. 

You can use your usual products and get the best makeup looks of all time within a few minutes. We have some of the best makeup hacks that will help you get your eye, lip and face makeup right, and that too, quickly! Read further to know the tips and tricks that can get you a makeup look just like a professional.

What Are The Best Lips Makeup Hacks For Beginners?

1. Exfoliate Lips Before Applying Lipstick

For your lipstick to smoothly glide over your lips, you need to prep your lips with a lip scrub prior to the application. Using a lip scrub to exfoliate physically will help buff away any dry skin that is on top of your lips. It leaves you with a smoother and softer lips to apply your products. However, you need to keep in mind that lip scrubs should only be used once a week max otherwise it can cause irritation.

2. Translucent Powder For Long-Lasting Lipstick

A long-lasting or smudge-proof lipstick is really hard to find, and making one stay is even more difficult. This makeup hack is to make your lip color last for hours. All you have to do is just swipe on your shade as usual and lay a tissue over your mouth. Then dust some translucent setting powder over the top to set the color from bulging or bleeding. 

This might seem to be some extra work while you are in a hurry but it definitely pays off in the end! If you use the translucent powder alone, it could alter your lip shade. Hence, it is advisable to use the tissue as a shield to protect it from lightening or dulling.

Translucent Powder

3. Mix Your Own Lip Color With Petroleum Jelly

Want to make your own lip color? Want that favorite eyeshadow color to be your lipstick? It is an easy task to get it done. If there is an eyeshadow that you want to wear as a lip shade, mix the loose pigments of the eye shadow with a little bit of petroleum jelly. Aquaphor or Vaseline works just fine for this task! Take the petroleum jelly in a spoon and just swipe it onto your lips. There it is! You can make custom-made lip gloss any time on your own.

4. Define Your Cupid’s Bow With An ‘X’ 

To get a perfect lip line, it is better to outline the border before applying lipstick. But you can define your cupid’s bow easily and quickly by taking a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and creating an ‘X’ that lines up with your natural lip line. The ‘X’ gives you a clear outline of the cupid’s bow. Fill in the bottom three sections of the ‘X’  with the lipstick, and then continue applying the lipstick as usual to finish the look.

makeup hacks

5. Use An Invisible Lip Liner

This hack is when you want a perfect lipstick shape on your lips without smudging or falling out. So before you apply your lipstick, outline your lips with an invisible wax liner. There are invisible lip liners that are designed to grab on to color and help it last longer. They also prevent the feathering of the lipstick color. 

Firstly, begin by lining the outside of your lips with the liner to fill in any fine lines there. Then, start filling in the rest of your lips with a lip liner in a matching shade of the lipstick color you’ll be using.

6. Prime your lips with concealer

The concealer and foundation you have in your makeup kit can also act as great primers for your lipstick. Cannot believe it? But it is true! You can use a wet makeup blender to apply the concealer or foundation onto your lips. Then, with the help of a lip brush, apply the lip color of your choice over the layer. Coating the lipstick over the concealer can cause the color to look dull or muted. Hence, it is necessary to use a lip brush to apply your color instead of dabbing it directly or with your fingers.

makeup hacks- Concealer

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What Are The Best Face Makeup Hacks For Beginners?

1. Test Foundation and Concealer on your neck

Now finding the perfect foundation or concealer shade is a problem all of us have faced. Trying to find the perfect shade that matches the skin tone can be a bit tricky to do on the spot while trying all the different shades. The worst part is, still there may be no luck! 

What you can do is, instead of trying the shade on your cheek or forehead, you can go for the neck. The neck has the closest shade to your face while the cheek and forehead may be prone to acne and other problems.

2. Apply bronzer in ‘3’ Shape

Don’t have a contour or want a quick contour touch? Get the bronzer of your choice and apply it in ‘3’ shape down on both sides of your face. You should be sweeping the bronzer down starting from your forehead to temple to your cheekbone all the way down to your jawline. These three spots make the number 3 and when you smudge them with bronzer, you get the perfect contour shade. Now no need to spend too much time contouring with this easy makeup hack.

makeup hacks - Bronzer

3. Brush Stick As A Contour Guide

Everyone has a different face shape and so contouring each face needs different methods. To know the best place to dust your bronzer or contour powder, you can roll a pencil or a makeup brush right below your cheekbones. The right angle is the hollow right below the actual bone. Once you find the correct place, dust the bronzer or contour right below it with the brush and blend it out to soften the color. 

4. Map Your Contour With A Brow Pencil

Ran out of your contour stick? No worries. After you finish applying your foundation, mark the areas you want to contour with a deeply colored brow gel pencil. Brow pencils are concentrated but they do smudge making them perfect to use for contouring. You can mark the hollows under your cheekbones, your temples, along your hairline, jawline, both sides of your nose and the creases of your eyes to get the correct contour.

makeup hacks

5. Get Dewy Looking Skin

Getting dewy skin does not require too much hassle. All you need to do is mix some sheer foundation or concealer with a hydrating facial oil or moisturizer. Apply this mixture with a makeup blender. This will give you an instant no-makeup makeup look with a natural glow! You will never feel the no-makeup look difficult with this easy makeup hack. 

6. Don’t Sleep on Blush

Blush may seem like an obvious step in the makeup routine, but in fact, it is the most underrated product. A couple of brush sweeps of cream or powder blush along the high points of your cheeks can give your entire look a brighter and warmer finish. Blush tends to give the skin a fresh and rejuvenated look. Also, it adds the perfect amount of depth to the face that is needed. You don’t always have to pick a brighter shade for your blush to get a flush look. You can go for a soft and glowy shade too, to get a subtle flush look.

What are the best eye makeup hacks for beginners?

1. Spoon As  Stencil For Winged Eyeliner

If freehand drawing the wing of cat eye eyeliner does not work well for you, then go, grab a spoon from your kitchen. Try using it as a stencil for the wings of the eyeliner by holding the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye. Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line for your cat eye. Then, flip the spoon so that it is hugging your eyelid, use its rounded outer edge and create a perfectly curved winged effect. Well, has getting cat eyes always been this easy for you?

2. Use White Eyeliner To Create An Iconic Eyeshadow Shade

If you feel your eyeshadow is too light or less pigmented, then you can use this trick to tone it down a bit. Blend a white eyeliner pencil over your entire eyelid first, and then dab your eyeshadow right on top of it. The opaque coverage of the white liner will intensify any eyeshadow shade and make it pop. The white color makes the top coat of eye shadow appear more vibrant on your eyelids.

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3. Highlight Your Eyes

Highlighter is one of those essential makeup products to get a glamorous finish to your makeup. But did you know you could use them on your eyes as well? You can get a transformative look with a well-placed highlighter. When you highlight around the inner corners of your eyes and on the center of your lid, it gives a sparkling and luminescent effect to your eyes and makes them stand out even more! 

makeup hacks - Eye Highlighter

4. Plump Your Lashes With Translucent Powder

If you feel your eyelashes are not too voluminous for a mascara, here is a trick to make them more plump – apply coats of mascara, dust some translucent setting powder over your lashes to make them fuller. The translucent setting powder helps grip the mascara in between coats. Hence, it leaves you with fuller and more voluminous lashes.

5. Create A Smokey Eye With A Hashtag

A smoky eye seems to be the most difficult eye makeup for most of us as it does not take long for it to look sloppy.  That is if you don’t really know the trick on how to go about it! The key to a smokey eye is to use a creamy eyeliner and draw a slanted hashtag symbol on the outer third of your eyelid. 

Blend the eyeliner towards the outside with a sponge or a smudging brush. This will help you ensure that both eyes are symmetrical. In the process, it also prevents you from getting a little too wild with the eyeliner.

makeup hacks- Eyeshadow

6. Use Nude Eyeliner On Your Waterline

Did you know that your lash line is not the only spot for eyeliner? You can line your waterline with a nude eyeliner. This is a trick that can help make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. In case you did not get enough sleep the previous night or have small eyes and want your eyes to appear bigger or wider than they already are, you can use this hack. 

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Final Words

These makeup hacks can make your routine actually pretty simple and life easier! In case you are in a rush for a party or are getting late for your office, or run out of makeup, make use of these tips to get your makeup done.

Also, these makeup hacks for beginners are so easy to use. You need not be a pro at applying makeup to try out these hacks. Start by using the easiest hacks and see how your makeup turns out! Let us know which hack was the most useful for you.


How can I improve my makeup skills?

You do not need to be a professional makeup artist to try these simple hacks or tricks to get a perfect makeup look. You can improve your makeup skills by knowing what works well for your skin and how these small makeup hacks can help to get your makeup done easily and efficiently. Know all the steps to apply perfect makeup and utilize these small hacks to make it quicker and you will be able to take your makeup skills to the next level!

What is your best makeup advice for a beginner?

For a beginner in makeup, always begin with a primer and move to the foundation, followed by concealer and contour. Before applying blush, all the pores and uneven shades get covered by these products and hence give a perfect finishing. You can also use the same blush as eyeshadow and lip shade to get a monochrome look!