Are beards on the trend in 2022? Yes, and that means it’s time to switch up your style. Facial hair affects the structure of a man’s face and completely transforms the way he appears, so ditch your old beard style and try one of the best beard styles for 2022.

Take a look at the list of the hottest beard styles for 2022 to choose the one that’s right for you. You can play around with different looks until you find one that looks great on you, and then make that look your signature. You’ll be able to thank us later.

The Hottest Short Beard Styles For 2022

  • The Five O’clock Shadow
  • The Short Boxed Beard
  • Short Modern Beard
  • Corporate Beard
  • Short Chin Strap Beard

Trending Medium Beard Style 2022

  • Power Beard With Trimmed Mustache
  • Verdi
  • The Beardstache
  • Faded Beard
  • The Van Dyke Beard

The Trending Long Beard Styles In 2022

  • The lumberjack beard
  • Power Beard
  • The Hipster Mustache
  • Full Beard Styles
  • Spade-Shaped Power Beard

Reasons To Grow A Beard

The Hottest Short Beard Styles For 2022

Short beards are really popular right now, and they will continue to be so in 2022. They’re the perfect spring and summer style for the guy who wants to sculpt his features without putting in too much effort.

The classic five o’clock shadow, unusual short boxed beard, and sport chin strap are among the hottest short beard styles in 2022.

The Five O’clock Shadow

The iconic “five o’clock” beard is a razor-sharp beard that can grow in a single day for many men. If you shave in the morning, you’ll notice a shadow of growth on your chin, neck, and upper lip by 5 p.m., as the name indicates.

However, this type of beard does not have to be grown in the evening. With an electric trimmer, you can shave the hair around the face without completely removing it, as you would with a typical razer. This gives you the fine toughness of a five o’clock shadow at any time of day.

5 0'clock Shadow

The Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is a trimmed, spruced, well-defined, classic style if you’re seeking a short beard style for 2022 that’s a little longer than a five o’clock shadow but yet easy to manage. Because the lines of the beard are straight and precisely frame the jawline within a bearded box, it’s called a “boxed beard.”

A short boxed beard is excellent for those who want to grow their beard over stubble but don’t want it to be too full. There are, however, medium and long boxed choices.

One of the reasons for this beard’s long-term popularity is that it is a worldwide beard style. This means it may be worn on any face shape, be it oval, square, or round, and look fantastic.

Short Boxed Beard

Short Modern Beard

A modern beard should be short, clean, and no more than 1-2″ below the chin. This style is best suited for males who have irregular/uneven facial hair growth. It can be styled in a variety of ways to fit your face and lifestyle. It’s simple to keep up with and still has a manly vibe.

Short Modern Beard - best beard styles

Corporate Beard

The corporate beard style is all about getting the job done. It’s a formal beard shape for professional males in a workplace, with a very short full face and well-kept beard. It’s one of the short beard styles for 2022 for the CEO hopeful who needs to adhere to a stringent beard policy. It’s classy, presentable, and 1/2-1″ long.

Corporate Beard - best beard styles

Short Chin Strap Beard

The short chin strap beard first appeared in the late 1800s, and Abraham Lincoln, Lewis Hamilton, and Stormzy have all featured it.

This beard style is now going through a massive comeback that is expected to last well into 2022 and beyond. There’s no better time than now to experiment with a short chin strap beard.

One of the most popular beard styles is the chin strap beard. A narrow line of facial hair follows the outer corners of the face and jawline, but large portions of the neck and cheeks are shaved clean. This means you’ll have a lot less hair around your lips than you would with other short beard styles.

Short Chin Strap - best beard styles

If you’ve been rocking stubble or wearing a chin strap for a long, you may have decided it’s time to switch things up. Growing your beard out a little longer brings you a world of new possibilities, like beardstache, Balbo beards, and Van Dykes, which are among the top beard styles for 2022.

Power Beard With Trimmed Mustache

If you don’t like getting food stuck in your mustache, a power beard with a well-kept mustache is always a good choice. Trim your mustache to keep it from covering your upper lip, and follow the natural curve of your mouth.

Power Beard Trimmed Mustache


This classic beard style, named after 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, has a distinguished appearance. A full beard and a rounded three to four-inch beard characterize the Verdi. The mustache’s handles are waxed and draped in a loose curl over the top of the board. Some guys choose to maintain their mustaches short and different from their beards.

You’ll need four to eight months of beard growing, and probably longer for the mustache to reach handlebar length, to achieve the Verdi. Keep your beard in a naturally rounded shape.

Verdi - best beard styles

The Beardstache 

To maintain a beardstache, you must master the technique. If you do, you’ll wear a style expressing masculinity and even a sense of pretension. The beardstache is a mix of a beard and a mustache that takes things to a new level. Various beard styles go well with a great mustache, but the beardstache makes advantage of the beard to help the mustache stand out.

The Beardstache - best beard styles

Faded Beard

The faded beard, which is essentially a skin fade for your face, has been gaining popularity for the past few years. The sideburn and the face/cheek are the two fading areas. 

By keeping the thickness of your beard on the chin, removing cheek fat helps thin and extend the facial profile. It’s a clean style that looks best when your beard is three to six inches long and perfectly aligned under a barber’s precision. The faded beard style is one of the adults’ most trending beard styles in 2022. 

Faded Beard - best beard styles

The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is another elegant medium-length beard. It’s called after Antony Van Dyck, a Flemish portrait painter who rose to prominence in the 17th century as a portrait painter of European royalty. It has risen and gone in popularity since then, but it is set to make a big comeback in 2022.

The Van Dyke Beard - best beard styles

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Long beards become popular every few years, but in 2022, they’re making a strong comeback. However, not all long beards are evenly distributed.

Knowing what type of beard is in trend and how to develop it is the first step in finding the perfect long beard style for 2022. After that, all you have to do is maintain and groom your beard as it grows.

It’s worth noting that maintaining a long beard takes a lot more time, work, and maintenance than growing a short or medium beard. Take a peek at some of the hottest long beard styles in 2022 if you’re up for the challenge.

The lumberjack beard

Considering the recent events that are happening, men have bonded with their facial hair. The lumberjack beard style is ideal for those who prefer a casual look that complements every facial shape. This is simply a long but well-shaped around edges beard.

The Lumberjack

Power Beard

Okay, under the six-inch standards, the power beard isn’t technically a long beard, but it didn’t seem right to throw it in with the short beards. As the name implies, power beards are serious about their job. It’s a kickass beard style that perfectly blends roughness and modernism.

Natural beards, often known as power beards, have a length of four to six inches. At this length, your beard’s personality began to take shape. Some will have straight hair, while others have wavy or curly hair. It’s critical to learn basic beard style techniques.

 Power Beard

The hipster mustache

This look features a mustache and a long beard. If you want a low-maintenance look that is stylish and cool for guys of all ages, this is one of the greatest beard styles. This beard, like the lumberjack beard, fits any face shape and is one of hipster beards’ signatures. 

This beard type, unlike the short beard styles, does not demand a lot of shaving and only requires regular trimming.

The Hipster Mustache

Full beard styles

This is normally a portion of a long beard style, although it can also be a short beard that looks like a corporate beard. It needs the growth of hair in all regions except the neck. One of the most popular long beards, the full beard is highly masculine. However, it may take 3-4 months for it to come back, so think twice before shaving it entirely off.

This style’s strongest attribute is that it fits all face shapes and is simple to maintain. This beard looks great with a bald head or short hair. It enhances the appearance of the face and may easily be transformed into a faded beard. Keep your beard nice and organized by using a beard comb on a regular basis.

Full Beard Styles

Spade-Shaped Power Beard

Trim the bottom of your beard into more distinct shapes as your beard grows from a power beard into the four to the six-inch range. A spade-shaped beard has a shovel-like shape, and it provides a clear outline of a chiseled jawline—and who doesn’t want that?

It’s not easy to trim your beard to a spade shape on your own. If at all possible, it is suggestable to entrust this task to your barber.

Spade Shaped Power Beard

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Reasons To Grow A Beard

Facial hair is simple, versatile, and adjustable, and it can drastically change the shape of a man’s face and how he appears in jeans and a T-shirt or a suit.

Several whiskers here and there can age a babyface, detract attention from a bald head, and cover a multitude of crimes (or chins). In other words, it enables a man to transform into the definitive chameleon.

It’s not simply the sheer range of styles that men are currently experimenting with or the variety of tools available to assist them to get the perfect look that sets things apart from the facial hair that was in popularity in the 1970s; it’s also women’s attitude about beards.

The fact that so many celebrities wear facial decorations in the same way they wear tattoo designs. Imagine Drake, Idris Elba, or David Beckham without their signature beard styles, and you’ll get an idea of how deeply it’s ingrained in the public psyche.

Final Words

Grooming your beard in a certain style may be both personal and powerful. If this post has piqued your interest in trying a new look, the best method is to do so while shaving. Allow your beard to grow for a few days or for weeks, then shave off portions or trim to experiment in the mirror and find a style that suits you!


What beard style is most attractive?

According to research, women find the stubble beard shape to be the most appealing of all. On the opposite, the mustache and goatee beard styles are regarded as the least appealing beard styles.

Are beards Still in Style 2022?

Overall, beards are still fashionable for 2021 and 2022, although in a less messy, more well-groomed form than previously. Facial hair trends change frequently, so keep reading to figure out where you fall on the beard vs. clean-shaven spectrum.

At what age do men’s beards go grey?

Men can begin to grow a grey beard in their 20s, but most do so in their 30s or 40s. Genetics is the most common cause of greying beards. Your genes direct your body to stop creating melanin in your hair follicles after a specific number of years – the material that gives skin and hair color.

What does a beard say about a man?

Bearded men have proven in certain studies to be not only masculine and powerful, but also kind, fearless, trustworthy, kind, hardworking, and more beautiful, especially when their character comes across as quietly confident in their attitude to life.